The Weekend Downtime Statement

Important Downtime Statement

Over the last three days, ChangeNOW had to deal with an unprecedented amount of customer activity. The situation resulted in a system crash that caused delays and even failures of quite a number of transactions.

Since the main mission of our exchange is to provide the best user experience possible, the team started tackling the problems right away. Our technical specialists immediately redistributed all the resources to ensure we were ready to handle the amount of exchanges ChangeNOW got over these challenging hours.

At this moment, the system is stabilized, but we should admit there’s still a chance for some transactions to be postponed. In case of any trouble, please contact our support team. There’s nothing to worry about: you’ll be either guaranteed to have your transaction completed successfully or refunded within 24 hours.

Take care of yourselves; ChangeNOW will do its best to take care of your crypto savings. Check our blog to stay updated!