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Tesla Competitor Will Launch Cars That Can Mine Bitcoin

Daymak Incorporated, Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced today, that the first prototype of its upcoming electric car – Spiritus – will begin mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other supported crypto tokens.

Daymak’s latest revelation is a rather significant statement about the crypto industry, especially considering its famed competitor's stance on digital currency.

What is Spiritus?

Spiritus is the electric car offered in the Daymak Avvenire series – a series of electric vehicles including  e-bikes and even flying vehicles.

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Spiritus flagship model is expected to be released in 2023 and has been touted to be heavily equipped with high-tech mining hardware and blockchain technology that gives users the ability to mine different kinds of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC) and popular memecoin, DOGE, while it charges.

The cutting-edge feature in the light electric vehicle is powered by the Daymak Nebula platform, and currently awaits patent approval. Once approved, licenses to integrate Nebula platforms into custom vehicles will be made available to other e-vehicle manufacturers. 

The Nebula system consists of a miner that receives mined coins  in a digital wallet already dubbed the Nebula wallet, which proceeds to store the received rewards for future use.  The Nebula platform is notably unique as it is the only project that provides a digital crypto suite made specifically for electric vehicles.

Is Mining All There Is To Spiritus?

Apart from the crypto perks, the flagship three-wheeler is expected to offer wireless charging and smart commands powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Daymak has also taken pains to stress that all mining activities on Spiritus and ensuing models will be eco-friendly. Spiritus and other crypto mining-capable models will utilize renewable energy sources rather than traditional fossil fuels.

While the Spiritus model is expected to launch in 2023, pre-orders are already available at an estimated $18,495 per vehicle, with more than 4000 orders already recorded so far. 

Early adopters of Spiritus’s unique proposition of combining transportation with passive crypto mining are rising, and there will only be more adoption in the future, as the mining industry continues its steady migration to more eco-friendly methods.

Crypto-Inclusive Strategies

Unlike its diddling competitor, Daymak intends to make cryptocurrency a part of Spiritus from the start, thus prospective customers can pre-order a Spiritus using a multitude of cryptocurrencies as well.

“We envision a future where your highway tolls, your parking, and your drive-thru order will be paid directly on the fly with crypto,”  Aldo Baiocchii, Daymak’s president, said in a statement. “Your online bills and your banking can be handled through the same software platform paid in crypto. While most vehicles are depreciating while they sit in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked.”

Baiocchii hints that more coins will be supported in the future, other than its original plans for Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE.

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