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Swap Your ERC-20 BNB to Binance Chain on ChangeNOW!

Binance Chain is freshly out and everyone is crazy about it - so we’re excited to announce that ERC-20 BNB tokens will be available for swapping to the Binance Chain on NOW Swaps! For a limited period of time, the swapping will be completely free of charge, at 1:1 rate - account-free, worry-free, faster than light. Stay tuned for our updates on social media!

Also - there’s more!

BNB swaps will be available not only on the dedicated page exclusively free-of-charge, but also on ChangeNOW’s main page and in our API, thus giving our partners the possibility to integrate NOW Swaps into their services.

The BNB swap will launch tomorrow and we can safely say that we literally can’t wait!

NOW Swaps is a service that allows you to perform seamless migrations of any token to the new mainnet in just a few easy steps. Contact roxanne@changenow.io if you wish to migrate a token to the new mainnet and we’ll design a custom workflow for you.