Stellar Lumens Wallet Review

What Is Stellar Lumens?

Initially, the Stellar Lumens system was created as a fully decentralized consensus platform that supports all types of currencies and makes it easy to run any kind of transactions between users of the network. Developers are constantly refining the system, so that making transactions and sending money has become just as simple and uncomplicated actions. ChangeNOW, a leading limitless instant crypto exchange service, has come up with this Stellar Lumens Wallet review so you can choose something from top XLM wallets.

The crypto world considers the Stellar network the main competitor of Ripple. Moreover, experts call Stellar an even more perfect service. The project is a decentralized platform for money transfers with its own cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens (XLM), which is actually only a means of transfer. And with the help of the system, you can transfer absolutely any assets. It doesn’t matter whether it is other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

For example, a user needs to transfer BTC, which are stored on the EXMO exchange, to another user in the form of ETH, or simply convert BTC to dollars and transfer directly to his own bank account. All he has to do is to register at Stellar, specify the account number from which BTC will be debited, and make a transfer request.

The main feature of Stellar is the presence of an internal decentralized exchange, which allows you to instantly convert any asset to XLM at the current rate, send it to the desired address and convert back. Another important advantage of the system is the minimal fee, one of the lowest in the entire cryptocurrency world. Its amount is only 0.0001 XLM.

As for the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency, it offers the following advantages:

  • Quick transactions. The operation time does not exceed 5 seconds;
  • High throughput. The system can process up to 1000 transactions per second;
  • Ability to work with the majority of cryptocurrencies existing today, as well as support of the banking system and the possibility of direct money transfer to the bank;
  • Increased safety. Due to cryptographic encryption and autonomy of nodes, it is impossible to hack the system.

Top 8 Stellar Lumens wallets list

  1. Ledger Nano S
  2. Lobstr
  3. Stargazer
  4. Stellar Desktop Client
  5. Guarda
  6. Atomic
  7. BlockEQ

Best Stellar Lumens Hardware Wallet

Ledger cold wallet is a hardware wallet that is used to store cryptocurrencies on a USB-drive. It has the highest level of security since your funds are stored directly on the drive, and not on some unknown server.

This type of cold wallet works on all major operating systems such as MacOS, Linux, Windows and even with Chrome OS. It is must be mentioned that in case the device is lost or damaged, it can be restored without connecting to the computer. We must say that Ledger Stellar Lumens hardware wallet is the best option to store your funds. You can order your own Stellar Lumens hardware wallet here:

Best Stellar Lumens wallet iOS

Among many Stellar Lumens wallets for iOS, we must make a loud shout out to Lobstr! Lobstr provides a mobile option for iOS crypto users. Lobstr is one of the most easy-to-use mobile wallets which handles daily transactions in a no-fuss way. It is one of the best stellar Lumens wallets for iOS, with an attractive interface that is extremely easy to navigate. Lobstr wallet has two-factor authentication, fingerprint support, and secure PIN protection which provides the highest protection among Stellar Lumens wallets on iOS. Have a look at more features on the website:

Best Stellar Lumens Wallet Mac

Stargazer is a Stellar Lumens wallet which is available for desktops and laptops that support the Mac OS X operating system. It has a simple and straightforward interface that makes managing XLM easy. It accommodates multiple accounts and assets, offers support in multiple languages and allows you to set up federated addresses and rely on the multi-signature security feature.

If you are interested to know more visit Stargazer's official website:

Best Stellar Lumens Desktop Wallet

Stellar Desktop client is an open source Stellar Lumens desktop wallet that was released by the Stellar development team. It is relatively easy to use but at the same time has all the necessary features to make a good wallet. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is one of the simplest and most convenient Stellar Lumens Desktop wallets. The only take off is that it is a Stellar specific wallet only and doesn’t support any other coins. If that’s what you’ve been looking for you can download Stellar Desktop Client here:

Best Stellar Lumens Online Wallet

Guarda is a light-weight and easy to use multi-currency wallet. It has a highly-rated web version, desktop client and even mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. Guarda provides a wide range of supported currencies and built-in exchange between them which is very convenient for people who have to keep an eye on many coins at once.

Unlike many other wallets, Guarda doesn't store any user information, wallet data or private keys. The private key is stored in the device and is deleted after the customer’s logged out from the wallet. For more info consult with Guarda’s website.

We hope you've enjoyed this Stellar Lumens Wallet 2019 review from ChangeNOW. Please stay tuned for more reviews, guides, price predictions, and educational articles on ChangeNOW's blog!

3 More XLM Wallets - Atomic and BlockEQ

Atomic Swap Wallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet with atomic swaps. This principle makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies from different networks directly, without the participation of a third party. Thus, you can save on commissions. The wallet supports up to 300 cryptocurrencies. So far, only desktop versions are available for all major operating systems. Find more information on it here:

BlockEQ is a wallet designed specifically for the Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency. It is characterized by increased security and excellent functionality for transactions. It is available in two versions - online and mobile. The mobile client supports only the Android operating system currently - you can download it from Google Play or from the official website:

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