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Starting To Use Tezos Wallet In 2020: The Best New Year Resolution

Check out the best Tezos Wallets!

It is quite easy to find a reliable Tezos wallet app. Still, to find the one perfectly suitable for one’s needs, one would have to make research on the Internet and look for the best solutions for Tezos on Reddit. Don’t worry, now we have done it for you!

Where can I download Tezos desktop wallet?

Our busy lives do not let us concentrate on important processes as they deserve to. Let us start our selection of options with those for your laptop for you to be able to create the staking platform with no hurry.

Guarda is the most recommended multi-platform app for Mac users. It is a secure, non-custodial, multiplatform wallet with the best-known customer support, which supports dozens of blockchain tokens. 

TezBox is one of the oldest Tezos GUI wallets developed by the Tezos community. It works for both mobile and desktop wallet, and for Mac and Windows operating systems.

TezBox was designed to maximize your security. Its main advantage is an intuitive interface which makes XTZ tools safer. Under no circumstance will it collect your data as your private key remains secure on your device. As an additional level of security, the wallet can be integrated with hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor. In fact, he became the first wallet for such integration.

Start with this free Tezos wallet to explore the most innovative ecosystem!

Tezos Staking Wallet In Your Pocket

Tezos Wallet

If you want to buy Tezos wallet with the greatest security guarantees, Tezos hardware wallet is your choice. 

With the security in mind, Ledger provided the users with the opportunity to use a hard version. With Tezos Ledger Nano S wallet, you can securely store your XTZ tokens.

The product has a USB design that facilitates access to your desktop wallet with Ledger Live technology. Using Ledger Live, Ledger Tezos wallet investor can easily install the applications on the device and connect them to a third-party GUI to manage your Tezos tools.

TezBox mentioned above is one of the best options. Combining Nano S wallet and a TezBox, you can bet your XTZ funds are safe.

Remember to always buy reliable, authentic products via the official Ledger website.

Tezos On Mobile: Your Fastest Wallet

CorTEZ Wallet and Atomic Wallet are the most rapid ways to check Tezos wallet balance anywhere.

CorTeZ Wallet is the best Tezos wallet for Android. Android Wallet is a product of Parisian Normadic Labs, designed to enhance security and provide the best user experience with special attention to the peculiarities of the Android operating system. One can download it for free.

Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency solution to store Tezos funds. The platform is updated weekly to add more assets and capabilities and its mobile applications support both Android and iOS devices. So if you search for a good Tezos wallet for iPhone – just search it on your Apple Store!

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