Sandbox (SAND) in 2021

The Sandbox crypto universe, or SAND for short, is a blockchain-based, decentralized digital universe, or metaverse, built on the Ethereum blockchain networks.

The variety of cryptocurrencies on the market is vast and diverse, giving both developers and participants numerous opportunities for creating and using a virtually unlimited range of assets and applications for any number of purposes. Among the most popular applications for blockchain in 2021 is the gaming industry, which has seen a sharp increase in the number of blockchain-based games that grant players a number of distinct advantages over traditional console, handheld, and PC games.

A great many emerging blockchain-based games are using Non-Fungible Tokens as part of their internal economics – immutable and unique tokens that grant their holders rights to specific items within the gaming universe. Such NFTs provide technical guarantees that items inside the game remain with their respective owners, negating the possibility of cheating that would give non-paying players an unfair advantage.

Sandbox is among the most recent and more successful blockchain-based games that has emerged onto the market as an NFT-supporting ecosystem.

About SAND

The Sandbox crypto universe, or SAND for short, is a blockchain-based, decentralized digital universe, or metaverse, built on the Ethereum blockchain networks. The game gives players a broad range of opportunities for creating an innumerable variety of assets and uploading them into the game for subsequent release them in NFT format for use inside the universe and for creating monetization opportunities. The game allows players to own all manner of digital assets and interact via communication channels and a marketplace that gives them the opportunity to trade a huge variety of unique and common items native to the Sandbox universe.

The SAND crypto game universe’s internal economy relies on the SAND Sandbox utility token, which acts as the basic currency for transactions and interactions among players inside the game. SAND is a ERC-20 utility token established on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of SAND is limited to 3,000,000,000 tokens. Apart from acting as a medium of financial exchange, SAND is also a governance assets and can be staked to earn rewards or create other types of tokens.

Apart from SAND, the game also contains LAND, ESTATE, ASSET CATALYST and GEM tokens. LAND tokens represent real estate blocks that merge together to create ESTATE tokens, which can be sold as assets. The other two – the CATALYST and the GEM tokens are assets that give unique characteristics to ASSET, which are added to the world on top of LAND.


The Sandbox project was built by a team of professionals from the gaming industry, namely – Pixowl – a mobile game studio founded in 2011 – headed by CEO and Co-Founder Arthur Madrid, who is also the CEO of Pixowl and a Board Member at Animoca Brands. COO Sebastian Borget and CTO Lucas Shrewberry are also Pixowl team members. The 20+ strong team has been operating on the market for many years with such brands in its portfolio as Gameloft, Partypoker LIVE, 1-Click Media Networks and others.

SAND Roadmap

The information available on Sandbox’s roadmap is tentative, as the game is entirely community driven and the team is relying on traction of its internal currency. As of the time of writing, the development team has used up 65% of all funds it has raised.

However, the project’s updated roadmap includes some important milestones, such as the launch of a DAO and staking opportunities for SAND in 2021 along with mobile version and multiplayer mode releases. 2022 will see the release of console versions and co-building functions for turning Game Maker into a more versatile instrument.

SAND Network

The Ethereum network acts as the infrastructure for the Sandbox universe, which operates with ERC-20 standard tokens. The ecosystem itself contains three distinct products to date – the VoxEdit 3D modeling software package for developing in-game items, the Marketplace for selling and exchanging assets in-game, and the Game Maker interface that is designed to give users absolute freedom for creating games free of charge on the basis of numerous script templates.

How to Mine SAND 

The SAND token has been provided by a liquidity mining program to ensure that it has enough liquidity support to stay afloat and gain price. Sandbox offers traders providing liquidity in the SAND/ETH pair the chance of obtaining a monthly allocation of 1.5 million SAND. All rewards will be distributed in proportion to the percentages of total liquidity provided over the course of a month. The SAND/ETH pair is the first being offered for ensuring high incentives to traders for liquidity mining, creating a strong trading venue for all those wishing to trade the SAND token.

SAND Value Data

The price of the SAND token has been fluctuating over the course of its existence, but has persistently remained within the $0.64 to $0.7 range over a weekly course. Sandbox pricing is highly correlated with the popularity of NFTs on the market in general, and the inflow of new users willing to use the token. SAND has appreciated from $0.43 per token in January of 2021 to $0.65 in March.

SAND 2021 Price Prediction

In 2021, the Sandbox universe will continue evolving thanks to its ease of accessibility and the freedom it offers gamers for creating their own universes through free and user-friendly tools. The monetization possibilities are also acting in favor of the coin along with positive news backgrounds and the growing popularity of NFT tokens. It is possible to assume that Sandbox price will appreciate to around $0.85 in the next three months, based on historical data, if the project maintains its traction.

How Can I Buy and Trade SAND?

The SAND cryptocurrency is currently available for purchase on Binance and Uniswap with crypto and bank card funds on either exchange being available as means of payment. SAND can also be obtained via the many user-oriented programs Sandbox offers. Among them are Ambassador programs, contests and community airdrops that grant generous rewards for participation in the project’s development.

Sandbox Wallets

SAND can stored on any Ethereum compatible wallets and is compatible with any wallets supporting the ERC-20 format. The SAND tokens can also be stored on exchange wallets for ease of accessibility.

Sandbox Crypto Exchanges

Though SAND can be traded on Binance and Uniswap, the Sandbox project’s internal Marketplace allows users to upload, buy, sell and trade their digital creations with other users. The marketplace does not offer any exchange possibilities of tokens, forcing users to resort to any external platforms for acquiring the SAND tokens.

SAND Summary

SAND is a promising and highly engrossing game that literally glues gamers to the interface with Minecraft-like style and the accessible instrument dashboard that grants absolute freedom and unlimited possibilities for creation. With the sky being the limit in terms of asset creation, the monetization opportunities for creative and rare assets in the game are considerable if the ecosystem develops and attracts a sufficient user base with the support of its SAND token.

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