Vitaliy Tyan on DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0

Mike Ermolaev, our Head of PR, conducted an exclusive interview with Vitaliy Tyan, the Head of Marketing at Radio Caca (RACA), a pioneer in the metaverse arena.

He learned what drives giant DAOs like RACA to succeed, what the future of education will look like in the Metaverse, and how the organization plans to expand. They also discussed NFT interoperability and escapism in the Metaverse.

Radio Caca is a decentralized organization (DAO) run by internet-savvy individuals from around the globe who share a vision of building a brave new virtual world. It exclusively manages Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT. Radio Caca has its own native RACA token for blockchain-based blockbuster game Metamon Island and for United States of Mars Metaverse (USM), one of the largest Metaverses on the BNB Chain.

Radio Caca's Vitaliy Tyan on the "truest" DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 Reshaping Reality

(Mike Ermolaev) – Can you describe how it feels like working in a DAO company in contrast to companies with a traditional corporate governance model? Are DAOs more or less flexible than traditional structures?

(Vitaliy Tyan) – Great question. In my opinion, there are multiple factors that are involved in running a successful DAO company.

Factor #1: a community that is loyal, organic, and passionate about the vision. The origin story of the project matters because it shows the transparency, fairness, and integrity of the project. You can’t have a true DAO if any community members feel like second-rate citizens. Radio Caca is one of the “purest” and “truest” DAOs because we are a fair-launch token. That means we did not pre-sell RACA tokens to anyone. Everyone, including the dev team, chose to get RACA at a market price just like everyone else. Everyone feels like a true member of the community and is devoted to it wholeheartedly. There is a unified vision and belief that RACA will continue to lead the world into the age of Web 3.0.

Factor #2: a development team that delivers on its promises. Our dev team continuously develops our products and services. Our NFT marketplace, Metamon P2E, and Metaverse are on a world-class level. Because there is no question that our development team is exceptional, people can easily and confidently imagine that we will continue to accomplish more and more. This shows the community that not only is there passion but that there is real work being done.

Factor #3: Leadership. Passionate Community + Development = Infinite Potential. Leadership must be laser-focused on continuously growing the community and adjusting development efforts to better serve the community. People are smart; they can clearly see if you walk the talk.

Factor #4: Transparency & Adaptability. Be transparent about successes and what is being worked on, or if there are any modifications. Continuously adapt. Be ready to make strategic pivots. Never fall prey to sunk cost fallacy. We are building a new world here, it’s always about doing what’s right for the community and not about having your personal opinions validated.

Factor #5: Always Think Bigger. Some people make the wave, some people join the wave, and some people are not even aware that there is a wave. Make the wave or join the wave and make it bigger. Thinking small takes no courage.

– Aside from the fantastic partnership with French Montana, whose huge following will now turn its attention to Radio Caca's ecosystem, do you have any other major partnerships on the horizon? Are there any particular spheres where you see the greatest potential for future collaborations and partnerships?

– Anyone who has researched us and seen what we’ve done from the beginning and continue to do definitely knows that the Radio Caca ecosystem will continue to increase the number of its allies and partners. We will continue to bring in and onboard more and more people into our ecosystem. We will continue to create innovative offerings.

So many top universities have partnered with us, we are planting very important seeds across top education institutions that will get the best and the brightest to build incredible things in our Metaverse. What we are doing with French Montana is unlike anything that’s out there – the drop will be the first of its kind. This is going to cause a cascade of positive changes in the music industry, too.

We’ve recently been selected for Tachyon ConsenSys Mesh Accelerator as well. We are getting more and more people learning and joining our team in various roles. There is always more to share, so for those who want to stay in the know, I highly recommend following our socials and reading our medium. It will give a good idea of what we are working on, and you will see our track record.

NFTs lend themselves well to interoperability, so the technology's advocates support the idea that items purchased in one virtual world should also be available in other virtual worlds. Why hasn't this been implemented yet? What is the root cause of the problem? Is it the fact that original assets cannot be transferred, or economic self-interest on the part of developers?

– Right now the focus of most projects out there is primarily to build their community and differentiate themselves from others. They are experiencing competition and they want to cut through the noise. It’s understandable. Many projects out there don’t have a large development team or an established community that can organically make their products be in high demand. They have to focus on themselves right now. Right now, it is quite rare for a project to think out of their own box and look at a larger picture. Or, in most cases, many teams do have amazing ideas but don’t have the experience, resources, and community to execute them successfully.

One of the reasons we launched in late March of this year (2022) is to work with other NFT communities and creators and have their NFTs integrate with our ecosystem (marketplace, metaverse, metamon, etc.). Since we already have a thriving ecosystem, a very large community, and multiple strong partnerships, we now want to do something that very few projects can execute and deliver. We understand that the next step for the Web 3.0 community is achieved by empowering and serving each other (e.g. NFT Communities) with our products and services. This is an important component of our Metaverse vision. We want top NFT communities to know that in our Metaverse, they can have a place to gather, network, and trade, and take pride in who they are. We believe every NFT community should maintain their individuality & spirit – our ecosystem is to make their existing experience more special, more fun, more Metaverse. This is the spirit of Web 3.0 – convergence & collaboration done the right way – all to better user experience and to shape the future in a way we can be truly proud of.

– Is a future where players can freely move their assets from one game world to another really possible?

– People should be able to move their assets anywhere they want. However, for people to move their assets from one place to another needs to make sense. Your NFTs should have the most support/features/perks in the ecosystem that created them. But most projects only specialize in the creation of NFTs, not continuously developing for and around them.

The best NFTs don’t just enhance your game experiences, they are also digital assets that should gain more benefits over time (beyond simple appreciation). That’s why you want to make sure that your NFTs have both the development and the community to go along with it. If your existing NFTs are not being supported by the original dev team, your next best bet is to find an ecosystem that can welcome and work with you to integrate them so your community has a place to call “home”.

– Cambridge University and Princeton University are two of the top world’s universities that have partnered with Radio Caca to build a metaverse for students. Is this an affordable alternative to a high-priced higher education system and one that could solve the global education crisis?

Technology evolved much faster than our education systems. There is a need for a more engaging and immersive learning environment where students can further their creativity and collaboration. Instead of competing with existing institutions, we should work with them and combine the best of both worlds. By directly working with top universities and getting their student bodies engaged in Web 3.0/Metaverse/NFT as early as possible we are facilitating a true exchange of ideas among people who have both the optimism, time, and energy to educate, onboard, and lead a new generation into this new age. We, at Radio Caca, believe that if we continue to empower universities and students and give them all the tools to develop in our Metaverse, they will build and continually support their Metaverse presence in the ways that serve them most effectively.

– In one of the previous interviews dedicated to the metaverse, I had a question about escapism. In your opinion, is it going to be one of the global problems of the metaverses? What other human-related problems of virtual worlds can you see?

– In their own way, every person seeks fulfillment in life. And every person also faces challenges and setbacks. Technology is a tool, and learning how to properly use and relate to it properly will further evolve our society. Any potential human-related problems that may arise I see as challenges that society will evolve through together. The reason we are where we are now is that humanity continues to evolve and adapt. No one can stop our drive for expansion and higher fulfillment.

What is the difference between a real hobby and escapism? You engage in a hobby because it brings you happiness in some form or way. You engage in escapism because you need to take a psychological/mental/physical break from something. There is value in both.

Metaverse can be a place where you can create, succeed, win, enjoy, collaborate, experience new things and experience old things in a new way, learn, make new friends, and re-meet your old friends. That is beautiful, right? It’s empowering. Just like in real life, your options here are limitless.

And if some experiences in the Metaverse allow you to take a break from your challenges in life, then people should take as much time as they need to heal and re-energize themselves. Just like in real life, we need people who are there for us – to celebrate victories with and to support us during adversities. It is up to us to be good humans to others in the real world and in the Metaverse. And as both worlds will converge more and more, the responsibility of the human stays constant – be a good neighbor to your community and continue to try your best.

–Is there any truth to the phrase that we'll soon all live in the metaverse? If so, how is it going to affect our mental health? Will the world turn to the Hikikamori lifestyle or do you believe that movers will still move and pushers will still push in the physical world?

– We already live in somewhat of a Metaverse, we just go to different apps and sites to curate our digital experiences. Because they are all separate from each other, you don’t get the feeling of immersion and it is also more difficult to develop and participate in the community. This is why people experience loneliness and separation from society. The amount of time we spend on our phones and laptops will be replaced by Metaverse. The metaverse is going to be a part of our lives because it is an evolution of the internet, social platforms, and economies. Like any breakthrough technology, it will affect the way people live their lives on a daily basis. It will empower our experiences but it will also streamline some experiences thus increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of our society. When higher levels of efficiency are reached, even more room for innovation and creativity will be created.

Metaverse is the next evolution of your digital life and a sense of community and shared experiences is what makes it truly special. Some people will be fully fulfilled by the Metaverse and naturally, they will spend more time in it. Some people will only be partially fulfilled by it and they will go to the real world for the remaining needs. That is what we actually do already.

Free will, freedom of choice, and creative collaboration are what make humans the most evolved species. All technology and companies will evolve to serve us better. And those that do not, will not last. Within all of us, we have a sense of what is right and wrong. Every person should strive to do what is right. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mike Ermolaev, the Head of Public Relations at, conducts an expert interview series with different notable people in crypto to provide both crypto beginners and veterans with an inside perspective on the crypto market. This interview was originally published on Benzinga.

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