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Learn Crypto with the Newly Released NOWAcademy!

How to understand crypto from scratch if you don’t even know where to start? How not to be afraid you’ll miss something important on your way? ChangeNOW has created NOWAcademy to show the path to all who want to learn crypto. The lessons on the platform are organized from the simple to the complex, and from the general to the specific. This means that you have a consistent learning plan – everything important is brought together and laid out in an easily understandable form. Academy is in beta now – this means the starter Beginner level lessons are available, and much more content and features are soon to come. Try NOW or run through a quick guide below – it will help you get the most from your experience. Please share your feedback!

How it works

First, choose your level on the main page. If you doubt you have the answers in a level’s description, then this one’s for you. Please note that Intermediate and Advanced levels are under development now and will appear on the website soon.

If you are a newbie to crypto and would like to quickly cover just the very basics, see the “Cryptocurrency in 3 minutes” section on the main page. It will give you a brief intro to crypto in just a few minutes. After you have chosen your level, there are two ways of how you can learn crypto with NOWAcademy: 1. If you are restricted in time and want to learn as quickly as possible, cards are for you. Find their list on the right side of a level’s page. A card is a brief description of one notion in crypto – a concept, a particular cryptocurrency, a crypto project, or a personality.

Use arrows to switch between cards. To learn more about each notion, follow the links to the articles provided. On a level’s page, only the basic list of cards is presented. To see all, click the “See full list” button at the bottom of the list, or follow to Glossary and set the suitable filters. 2. If you’d prefer to get a more thorough picture of how the crypto has evolved and works, see the lessons on a level’s page. They uncover all aspects of a problem stated in the headings.

The topics are organized from the simple to the complex, and from the general to the specific. We recommend you to read them in the order suggested – this will simplify the comprehension. However, you can always jump straight to a topic that is most interesting for you. To get the most from each lesson, we recommend you to first go through the key terms of the article.

Those were the two ways of working with NOWAcademy. Sure thing, you can mix them in a way that is more comfortable for you. In the Glossary, find all the cards from the entire Academy. Use filters to learn specifically about general crypto concepts, particular currencies, projects, or personalities.

Contact us

If you have concerns about your learning experience, bugs to report on, or suggestions about the content, please contact at [email protected]. This is it. Wish you a nice learning experience with NOWAcademy!

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