NOW Tracker App Latest Update Release

now tracker update

NOW Tracker is an iOS/Android mobile app developed in-house by the limitless crypto exchange ChangeNOW. It offers a complete overview of your crypto assets portfolio and a simple way to track your coins’ transactions and history.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and AppStore.

How Does It Work? 

After downloading and installing NOW Tracker on your phone, all you have to do is add the addresses of your favorite coins that you want to monitor. The app will show your total balance both in crypto and in fiat. You will get a quick overview and complete history of all incoming and outgoing transactions. The NOW Tracker app can be customized to display your portfolio in USD, EUR, and some other local currencies. 

NOW Tracker Main Features

The app is free and can be used by anyone without any geographical restrictions or registration. Customer support is available 24/7. Its crypto market monitoring services allow users to keep an eye on 200+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies in one place.

NOW Tracker features an Analytics module that shows a pie chart of all your cryptos displayed in a different color. This section allows you to see precisely what your portfolio is made up of and make sound decisions regarding your future investments.   

NOW Tracker is equipped with two modes for tracking:

  • Auto tracking

Add the addresses of your crypto wallets, and our app will automatically show your balances and history of transactions from several block explorers.

  • Manual tracking

Enter your balances manually, and the app will sum up the totals and compare the values with our Auto tracking mode.

Does NOW Tracker Store Any Personal Data?

The NOW Tracker app doesn’t collect or store any customer data. It’s a non-custodial application that doesn’t require customers to enter their recovery phrases or private keys. No information is sent to third-party services and advertising companies. Your data is protected by the safety of your own device. 

What’s New in This Update

  • Total wallet balances are now shown for each specific coin in your portfolio. If you have multiple funded addresses, all amounts will be summed up and displayed for your convenience. The values are shown in your chosen local currency as well as in crypto. Clicking on the ‘SHOW WALLETS’ button will display the balances of all your addresses individually. This provides the user with a tool to check each address separately and the total number of coins.
  • Token network labels have been added to the portfolio overview making it easier to distinguish between different assets. ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20, and all other tokens now feature the corresponding logo and network sign.  
  • Navigating the NOW Tracker app is faster than ever. Several bugs have been fixed to improve the user experience.