Make the Most of NOW: Adding Liquidity to Uniswap

Make the most of your NOW

As you may know, ChangeNOW has just integrated with Uniswap, a prominent and evergrowing DEX. On top of everything else, this integration resulted in NOW tokens becoming even more accessible — from now on, every trader may buy or sell them right from the main exchange page.

Since Uniswap is working with liquidity providers, ChangeNOW users also have been offered a unique chance to add some liquidity themselves — and benefit from it! Scroll down to learn where to start.

  • Follow this link to get to one of the liquidity pools.
  • Click the dark “Add Liquidity” button (it’s located in the upper right corner).

  • Enter the amount of NOW you’d like to allocate for liquidity.
  • Click “Supply”.

  • Confirm the transfer.

  • Now, you may check your transaction status with Etherscan.
  • Go back to the Uniswap pool (use the link provided above) and check how much liquidity you have just added.

Congrats! Let’s hope it won’t take long till the first exchanges happen.