Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction

In this article, we will run through the basic information and fundamentals of LSK as a project, give you information on the LSK token, and offer a prediction for the price of LSK in 2020-2025. Let’s start the price prediction with a brief introduction to the Lisk project.

What is LSK?

LSK is the token that powers the Lisk decentralized network. It is a competitor blockchain of the Ethereum and NEO networks. The Lisk network is a decentralized application platform that utilizes side chains and smart contracts. Technical analysis of this blockchain shows that it is an attractive option for developers because it uses JavaScript to develop its dApps, which means developers can easily integrate their skills into the blockchain without having to learn new skills. Lisk is a relatively new project. It was developed in 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. It is rumored that at the outset of the project key members of the original Ethereum team were working on the Lisk network in collaboration with the Lisk team. In 2018 the project made huge strides in developing the network by improving the platform’s ease of use, thereby enhancing its accessibility for the general public.

What Does the Lisk (LSK) Price Depend On?

Like any other cryptocurrency, the Lisk price depends primarily on two fundamental components: (1) The use case of the token, and (2) the price of Bitcoin. LSK is a utility token, meaning that its utility lies in financing the platform. It is also used to gain access to other useful features of the network. The Lisk price will rise in the future if the platform increases in popularity among both developers and a wider audience. In other words, as demand for the token increases, the Lisk price will rise accordingly. Additionally, nearly all cryptocurrencies are linked to Bitcoin. This means that their prices fluctuate in consonance with the Bitcoin price; when Bitcoin pumps, altcoins pump, and when BTC dumps, altcoins dump. In the upcoming bull run of Bitcoin, more attention will be brought to blockchain technology. This provides an opportunity for the LSK price to be pumped as new investors entering the cryptocurrency space get their first exposure to Lisk. The new investors will do their research on Lisk and see how powerful the token is, which will lead to a price pump as more investors will buy-in.

Lisk (LSK) Past and Current Price

In 2018, after the 2017 bull run, the price of LSK dumped, as well as that of many other cryptocurrencies. The Lisk price predictions for 2018 were bearish during the first quarter as the market was dumping. However, the “moon boys and girls” - the token’s community members who beg for the currency to rise in price - were rewarded with a small pump in mid-2018. Historical data shows that LSK saw its all-time high of $39.31 USD in the 1st week of 2018. The current price of LSK as of July 10th, 2020 is $1.17 USD, the market cap is $146 235 358 USD. The price of LSK at the start of 2020 was $0.54 USD. This means you would have made considerable gains if you invested in Lisk in the beginning of the year, doubling your initial investment. The Lisk future price is likely to be bullish with the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the possible bull run. The Lisk price chart from 2016 to the current day can be seen below.

LSK 2020 Price Prediction

Will Lisk price experience dramatical changes throughout 2020? Experts generally predict that LSK’s 2020 price will be relatively stable. TradingBeasts expects the price of digital currency to increase to a maximum of around $1.64 USD this year, whilst CryptoGround expects the 2020 price to hover around $1.16 USD. The general consensus is that LSK will remain stable around 2020, with big gains to come in subsequent years.

LSK 2021-2025 Price Prediction

The long term price prediction of LSK is far more bullish than the 2020 prediction. TradingBeats expects an increase in price to $3.41 USD in 2023. CryptoGround expects the price of Lisk to be roughly $31.91 USD by 2025, a highly bullish prediction. Others are even more bullish and expect the price of Lisk to reach more than $150 USD by 2025, though such an outcome is highly unlikely.

Where to Buy LSK?

There are multiple exchanges where you can buy LSK tokens. We recommend using our exchange here at ChangeNOW. You can buy Lisk with credit cards and convert Bitcoin to LSK. Although, there is currently no possibility of converting LSK to USD. Nevertheless, the Lisk crypto price offered on ChangeNOW is always the best available at the market.


Lisk is a great project with enormous potential. Based on the analysis above, it’s safe to say that the price of LSK will remain stable with a slight upside in 2020. The bigger gains will occur in the years 2021 and 2022, and beyond. If the project lasts until 2025, the price of LSK may reach astronomical heights. After reading this article, we hope you’ve gained some insight into the LSK token and will be considering to purchase some Lisk from our exchange at ChangeNOW.

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