Komodo KMD Price Prediction 2020

Komodo is a blockchain-based solutions provider. Its developing technologies at the cutting-edge of the blockchain industry. The Komodo platform is continuously considered one of the most innovative blockchain projects in the world. But what makes Komodo cryptocurrency special? And is Komodo a good investment for 2020 and the long run? Let's analyze together the Komodo fundamental information and technical data to discover the KMD coin's prospect prices.

What is KMD?

Komodo KMD is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency, was created from a fork of privacy coin Zcash (ZEC), which itself was formed through a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). This allowed Komodo coin to have the exciting privacy features of Zcash such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs and others. KMD attempts to be a faster, safer, and ultimately decentralized coin with its own unique ecosystem. The concept of freedom is a priority for Komodo’s private development team, either for users or developers on the platform. Privacy and security are the key foundational features of Komodo. Komodo’s project offers a secure privacy coin with an amazing blockchain platform. First of all, Komodo's project inherited Zero-Knowledge proof consensus from Zcash (ZEC) to bring user anonymity and private transactions. Then, the founder of Komodo has developed his own security solution, called the Delayed Proof-of-Work (dPoW) protocol, which basically records new Komodo blocks into Bitcoin’s blockchain every 10 minutes by writing them in a Bitcoin transaction. This algorithm constitutes the highest level of security for the KMD cryptocurrency as hackers have to overpower both BTC and KMD chains simultaneously to attack KMD.

Yet the Komodo platform has incredible cutting edge tech that is developing day by day. And Komodo's solutions are all about improving security, scalability, interoperability, and adaptability. In order to achieve best levels, Komodo is continually developing its technologies and utilities. As of Aug 2019, Komodo has started to focus on offering business-friendly interoperable, secure, and flexible blockchain solutions, among them the end-to-end blockchain infrastructure solutions for business in any industry. Using the novel multi-chain architecture, Komodo provides every blockchain project with independent blockchain infrastructure. Komodo has a long history in blockchain development beginning in 2014, as it is at the head of the multi-chain architecture pioneers in the blockchain space. Komodo project aims to accelerate global blockchain adoption through the multi-chain architecture, and an open-source model, a business-friendly ecosystem that allows businesses from start-ups and enterprises alike to prosper with blockchain-based technology.

Komodo (KMD) Team and History

Komodo was known as a descendant of Bitcoin Dark (BTCD), a privacy-focused project that endeavored to fix the Bitcoin privacy matters. However, the Bitcoin Dark project was abandoned and had already swapped to Komodo. Komodo blockchain project was launched within an initial coin offering (ICO) in February 2017 at a price of $0.10. Since then, KMD's price has risen and fallen with the fortunes of the project and the crypto market. The founder behind Komodo is an anonymous developer who used the nickname JL777, and he is also called James Lee. However, we can't confirm that this name has anything to do with his real identity as he is yet anonymous. Similar to most privacy cryptocurrencies, while Komodo’s team that has more than 50 members stayed anonymous for some time, with gaining more traction of the project several team members have chosen to unveil their identities wherein you can find them all on the Komodo official website.

KMD Price: What Does It Depend On?

The KMD cryptocurrency is primarily in need of more partnerships and increases the adoption for its unique project. In addition to the adoption, many things affect KMD price include: the Blockchain widely adoption, crypto market status, competitors, and KMD coin news. Since the Cryptocurrency is worldwide traded, the KMD price is also affected by crypto-related news & policy updates around the world. While some could be positive, the others might be negative. Based on that, the KMD price may go up or down.

KMD Price Prediction

Currently, the Komodo coin is ranked as 74 with a $64.77 million market cap and 119,511,497 KMD coin in circulation. Komodo's predetermined maximum supply is 200,000,000 KMD, which means that over 80 million KMD coins left to be mined from KMD mining pool operations or regular miners. The KMD coin listed on many crypto exchanges includes the world's largest crypto exchange; Binance. Wherein the Binance KMD trading is available in several pairs such as Komodo Bitcoin (KMD BTC), Komodo Binance coin (KMD BNB), and the KMD USDT pair as well. It should be noted that setting a KMD price prediction required an in-depth understanding of the cryptocurrency aspects in addition to being aware of crypto market movements with a deep fundamental and technical analysis for the coin. Fortunately, we have several experts who did their analyses on KMD and set their price forecasts.

KMD Coin Price Prediction 2020

For 2020 KMD price, experts’ predictions have set up as as follow:

  • TradingBeasts The popular crypto forecasts website, TradingBeasts has set a $0.895 price for the cryptocurrency KMD by the end of 2020.
  • DigitalCoin DigitalCoin prediction for KMD price suggests that Komodo might meet the end of 2020 at $0.93.
  • Wallet Investor WalletInvestor, whose predictions are known to be controversial, has a pessimistic Komodo price forecast for 2020, as they refer that KMD may drop from to $0.296 USD by the end of the year.
  • Crypto Ground KMD coin price prediction from CryptoGround looks pretty profitable as they expect KMD price to surge up to $1 at the end of 2020.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2021 - 2025

For the KMD long term trend, experts predict that Komodo will heavily boost its price. As they assume highly predictable a mass adoption of Komodo's infrastructure blockchain-based solutions for business in the next months. Thus, KMD long term predictions was as follow:

  • TradingBeasts (2021 - 2023) The KMD TradingBeasts prediction refers that the komodo coin price may surge up to $1.016 by the end of 2021 and they set $27.49 as a price Komodo by 2023.
  • Crypto Ground (2025) CryptoGround experts mention that the KMD value might rise by 1,653% to reach $9.699 within 5 years (from today).
  • Digital Coin Forecasts (2023 - 2025) Digital Coin has given detailed forecasts of the KMD price wherein they have set $1.97 for the KMD coin price by 2023 end, while it might reach somewhere close to $2.68 by 2025.

Where to Buy KMD?

You can buy the Komodo coin (KMD) instantly through ChangeNOW exchange service with several purchase options. Our service offers a simple and user-friendly approach to help you buy/sell over 170 cryptocurrencies to other wide range of assets in a fast, secure, and simple way with minimal authentication procedures.

Buy KMD with ChangeNOW in 4 Steps:

  • Step 1. From the “**ChangeNOW home page”**, choose a currency, enter the deposit amount, and after the amount of KMD tokens you will get is calculated, click on Buy.
  • Step 2. Enter your Komodo KMD wallet address. (where you want to receive KMD Tokens)
  • Step 3. Click on the “confirm” button after checking the information.
  • Step 4. Complete purchasing process and you will receive your tokens immediately.


To sum up, Komodo is a truly multi-faceted crypto project. Its features include a privacy-focused coin, a decentralized exchange and a unique platform that offers blockchain-based solutions for businesses in any industry. Yet, this is only a fraction of what they have planned for the future. The ultimate aspiration of Komodo is to become a turn-key blockchain ecosystem that entrepreneur developers can obtain and utilize, making the network extremely versatile. keeping an eye on Komodo would be interesting to figure out whether it can handle its workload. It is unquestionable that Komodo is a project that is worth observing for the near term. It could create a persistent impact in the cryptocurrency market, only incase its team continues to provide deliveries on time. It is something worth watching even if it may be too early to tell yet. Disclaimer: This article reflects its author’s opinion only and is not financial advice. We take no responsibility for the results of any trader’s decision or action.

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