Kishu Inu (KISHU) Is Now Available on ChangeNOW

kishu inu coin

We are pleased to announce that Kishu Inu is now available on ChangeNOW! Following its listing, ChangeNOW now becomes one of the earliest exchanges to list the rising meme coin.

What Is KISHU?

There has been a flurry of meme coins in the crypto market this year; Kishu Inu is one of the very few to have come out on top. 

The ERC-20 token was launched late April, 2021, to rival other flourishing meme coins. Like its predecessors, Doge and Shiba Inu, KISHU has a Japanese dog breed as its mascot — the Kishu Inu dog.  

Also like a select new tokens on the rise,  KISHU claims to redistribute a percentage of every transaction fee made on its network to KISHU holders, a method also used by coins like Safemoon.

Unlike other meme coins, Kishu’s creators see the new meme coin comfortably outlasting its popular rivals, Doge and Shiba Inu. While there is a pervading suggestion that meme coins are not destined to last long, especially considering their unlimited supply, Kishu Inu creators believe KISHU is future-proof.  A lot more people seem to believe this as well, including American celebrities like Tyler Cameron.

Since its launch the coin has risen by more than 1200 percent and is the fastest meme coin to surge past the $1 billion mark by market capitalization.

What the Future Holds for KISHU

Kishu remains an extremely cheap option to buy, especially for traders who are looking to cash in on the early bullish runs of meme coins, like Doge’s and SHIB’s.

Certainly, there is no proof that KISHU would outlast Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrencies for that matter, despite its creators’ claim. However, there is also no proof that it wouldn’t. 

KISHU is community-powered, like many meme coins; except it seeks to become more than that. It will be interesting to see how KISHU holds its own against other crypto tokens.

You can exchange your crypto for KISHU on ChangeNOW here. We’ll keep you posted on more KISHU news to come!