Is ChangeNOW Legit? ChangeNOW Review

The crypto field has its risks, and it's okay to check if a service like is legit. Here's a short review on why it's safe to use ChangeNOW.

Is ChangeNow Legit — The Determining Question

The question of legitimacy hangs high in the air when it comes to working with cryptocurrency exchanges. The abundance of scams and overnight platforms offering exchange services for digital assets makes it difficult for users to distinguish legitimate services from frauds. One of the platforms that has received a lot of user attention is the ChangeNOW service. Just as most platforms on the market, it is sometimes supposed to be a scam. Yes, sudden lags in transaction times, exchange rate fluctuations and other technical difficulties often make users suspicious of crypto scam. Still, it is both important and relieving to remember such difficulties are always temporary and do not mean that the exchange in question does not provide trustworthy financial services. The given material will provide insights into the operations of ChangeNOW and try to answer the question of whether ChangeNOW is legit and the issue migrating on numerous forum boards as “is ChangeNOW trustworthy?”.

What Is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is a crypto exchange platform that has been operating since 2017, allowing users to swap various cryptocurrencies almost instantly. The current list of crypto assets presented on the platform includes almost 400 digital currencies. The exchange allows users to transfer their assets directly to both hardware and hot wallets with a number of valuable features and functions that make it popular among users. The service is largely available worldwide and provides support in 28 languages, making it widely available for the majority of the crypto community. Prompt support response times are usually provided in the official Telegram chat and various social media. At its core, ChangeNOW is a non-custodial exchange service that has no limits on operations conducted on its basis. The commissions fees provided on the platform are considered to be the mean average on the market, or standard for the industry, and stand at a reasonable level of 0.5%. However, the website contains a disclaimer, which makes it clear that exchange rate fluctuations can affect the rate. In addition to crypto asset payment channels, ChangeNOW offers users the chance to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their VISA or MasterCard credit or debit bank cards, making it quite convenient. As for rates, ChangeNOW works as an aggregator of cryptocurrency prices from leading trading platforms to form profitable exchange rates for its users based on the best price.

It is worth noting that ChangeNOW is more than just a crypto exchange service. At this point, the platform’s large ecosystem includes many products such as mobile exchange app, NOW Wallet, NOWTracker, NOWPayments, NOWLoans, NOWNodes, Telegram Bot, etc.

Is ChangeNOW Legit?

The question of whether ChangeNOW is reliable has to be approached from the aspects of the information the service provides on its operations and the feedback it receives from users. When it comes to legitimacy, a legal entity established in a country with favorable crypto regulation is a good indicator of reliability, as it will allow any disaffected users to file official complaints in case of gross breach of conduct. The ChangeNOW official website provides all the necessary details on the legal address and registration information of the entity. The information provided states that the exchange is registered as CHN Group Limited. The company’s office is in the Seychelles at House of Francis, Room 303, Ile Du Port, Mahe, with a postal address at Newtonlaan 115, Utrecht, 3584 BH, Netherlands. Based on checks of the provided information, it is clear that ChangeNOW is a legitimate exchange and can be included in the list of reliable exchanges for operations. The fact that the company has been up and running since 2017 without significant disruptions is a good indicator of reliability. In addition, the official website provides information on downloads of the ChangeNOW mobile app and NOW Crypto Wallet, which is in the tens of thousands. The number of visitors stated is also impressive, which would not have been so had the platform been unreliable. The platform is also known to be safe and has good security features, providing user funds with the benefit of never storing their funds on the platform. Such an approach automatically negates the risk of fraud or hacking attacks. In addition, internal security checks are triggered with mandatory KYC and AML procedures in case users exhibit suspicious activity.

Additional Key Features

Legit exchanges boast popularity, because they provide their users with high quality services. Scam services of this type are usually made with minimal effort to quickly attract trusting users and steal their funds. The question posed by users “is ChangeNOW trustworthy” can be easily answered by a review of the main features and functions that the service provides. Among the features that attract users to ChangeNOW are its user-friendly interface, instant transfer times, reasonable exchange rates, lack of registration requirements, and high levels of customer service. And though the service does require KYC and AML in case of large transfers, that is more of a benefit that underscores its legitimacy. In addition, the abundance of listed assets of almost 900 cryptocurrencies and more than 20,000 trading pairs is evidence of the service’s strive to improve quality and usability.

User Feedback

The user feedback available on various forums and chat boards provides insights into the types of complaints and reviews about the operation of the platform. The negative user reviews that can be found across the net are mostly related to technical issues that can be compiled into lag times on transaction processing, or slow response times from the ChangeNOW support team. However, the majority of user comments are pretty positive and detailed.


It is logical to state that ChangeNOW is a legitimate service that has the corresponding attributes and great community reputation based on the level of service quality it provides.

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