Influential Las Vegas Strip Club Integrates Bitcoin Lightning Network

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A popular Las Vegas Strip Club, Crazy Horse 3, is the first major entertainment center in Las Vegas to not only accept Bitcoin payments, but also adopt the second layer Lightning Network.

Crazy Horse 3 Goes Crypto

Crazy Horse 3 Gentlemen’s club is regarded as not only one of the largest strip clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is also accepted to be one of its most important entertainment centers. 

According to a press release on Monday, the high profile entertainment club revealed that it was open to receiving Bitcoin (BTC) payments through the Lightning Nnetwork in exchange for its services. The release says the club has integrated with OpenNode, a Bitcoin payment processor which would allow guests to securely purchase “VIP bottle packages” using Bitcoin through the venue’s website.

The Lighting Network is  a second layer network that facilitates faster Bitcoin  transaction processes by conducting transactions off the blockchain. The Lightning Network seems a perfectly suitable integration for an entertainment spot like Crazy Horse 3, where impulse and sudden benevolence is all part of the fun, and slower transactions are very well likely to dampen moods.

Crypto Adds to the Fun

The inclusion of a crypto payment solution is no fluke nor coincidence. A collaboration with OpenNode is no guileless gamble either. Crazy Horse 3 publicist and Brand Rep,  Lindsay Feldman, said the integration of Bitcoin payments was an intentional decision ofby the club, driven by the need to provide more modern experiences for their customers. Feldman also noted that cryptocurrency solutions like Bitcoin in tandem with Lightning Network offer convenience and anonymity for customers, especially for guests who are more comfortable when incognito.

With the availability of fast crypto payment solutions, customers can receive first-class services even while anonymous, offering them the best of both worlds. Feldman also noted that Bitcoin payments remain good options for international clients, thus giving travelers even more purchasing power.

“The club’s partnership with OpenNode allows us to cater to our tech savvy customers’ needs by offering an innovative form of payment that’s both seamless and secure,” Feldman said. “With the new Allegiant Stadium just feet away from our front door, this crypto power move allows us to give our customers, including global travelers flying in for conventions, concerts and sporting events, more purchasing power.”

With surrounding hotels and a new stadium, Crazy Horse 3’s preparation to receive international tourists appears a no-brainer, and Bitcoin, interestingly, is a major cog in these plans.

Bitcoin trades at $31,000 at press time. You can buy or trade your preferred crypto for Bitcoin (BTC) without any delay.