How To Exchange Reddcoin Without an Account

Follow this guide to exchange Reddcoin, the social media-integrated cryptocurrency, with more than 170 coins without an account!

This is a guide on how to exchange Reddcoin, the social media-integrated cryptocurrency, with more than 170 coins without an account!

How to exchange Reddcoin in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your cryptocurrencies
  2. Enter the recipient address
  3. Confirm your transaction
  4. Make a deposit

Step 1. Choose your cryptocurrencies

On the main page of ChangeNOW’s website, choose a cryptocurrency you would like to exchange and enter the amount for deposit. ChangeNOW will then show you the estimated amount of RDD you will receive. Then, press Exchange.

Step 2. Enter the recipient address

Enter the wallet address to which you would like to send your RDD, then press Next. If you don’t have a Reddcoin wallet yet, click “Don’t have a crypto wallet yet?” and choose a wallet from the list displayed.

Step 3. Confirm your transaction

Double-check all the data and, if everything is correct, press Confirm. By confirming the transaction, you let us know that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 4. Make a deposit

After the transaction has been confirmed, send your ETH to the wallet address generated for you. Also, the transaction can be made with a QR code.

Step 5. Get NOW tokens!

Every exchange grants you NOW tokens, which you may use for accessing ChangeNOW's upcoming special features like exclusive exchange rates and accelerated support. Just enter your ERC-20 ETH wallet address and you're all set!

Best Reddcoin trading platforms

Reddcoin is not the most famous cryptocurrency, so it is not surprising that the main exchange on which it is traded is also not too well known. The main exchange where you can buy or sell the cryptocurrency is called TradeSatoshi. This exchange is registered in the UK, it was launched in 2015. Trades using fiat money are impossible at TradeSatoshi, but instead, you can use the Tether (USDT) stablecoin.

On TradeSatoshi, most trades are conducted using cryptocurrency, and the exchange provides the best opportunity to buy Reddcoin. Here you can choose the pairs with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It is most profitable to buy with DOGE, although trading with this pair is not very active.

The fee for trading on TradeSatoshi Is relatively low. For each transaction, you need to pay only 0.2%. Verification is optional, so the marketplace is well suited for people who need to buy Reddcoin once or twice. TradeSatoshi has a good, clear interface and a reliable security system. The choice of cryptocurrencies for trading is also quite wide. Among the problems of the service, we can include not always stable operation, frequent hanging of the site and constant technical works, which is why access to wallets is often closed.


YoBit is a more famous cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Reddcoin. Despite the very ambiguous reputation of the trading platform, it can be used to buy or sell RDD. It is not known who exactly is the creator of the service, there is only information that these are people from the CIS. The domain was purchased in 2014, and the operations began in 2015.

The exchange trades RDD in currency pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The site has three languages - English, Russian and Chinese. The trading platform gained popularity, primarily due to the large number of altcoins. Reddcoin is just one of many cryptocurrencies presented on the service. The crypto-exchange here is completely anonymous, no verification is required.

The problems of YoBit include nuances with replenishment. Users note that small amounts are quite fast, and large payments may not reach the recipient. In addition, there were accusations of illegal account locks. However, YoBit is actively trading, and this trading platform, due to the favorable rate, can be a good option to buy or sell RDD.


Bittrex is one of the largest and most famous cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It was established in the United States, and its office is located in Washington. The first transaction on the service took place on January 25, 2014. On the trading platform, it is possible to purchase cryptocurrencies both for fiat money (USD) and for stablecoin (USDT).

The fee on Bittrex is quite standard - 0.25%. The interface is English only. It is the most famous crypto-exchange brand in the United States. There is a quite large number of trading pairs, although in the case of Reddcoin, you can only work with Bitcoin. There is a large trading volume, fast and convenient replenishment of wallets, withdrawal of funds without problems.

Among the disadvantages, there is the mandatory verification of the wallet. If the user needs anonymity and confidentiality of transactions - this is not about Bittrex. There are cases when the trading platform is closed for maintenance, which is why there is no access to the crypto-wallets. Also, sometimes there are problems with hanging of the trading accounts.


CoinExchange is a relatively well-known, but not top-end cryptocurrency exchange. It was registered in 2016. The trading platform does not support fiat money and stablecoins, so you can only replenish it with cryptocurrencies. You can buy Reddcoin on CoinExchange in trading pairs with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

An important advantage of CoinExchange is the lowest fee among all the considered trading platforms. Here, it is only 0.15%. The service relies on anonymity and confidentiality. No verification is required here. However, the CoinExchange team cares about account security. In addition to the usual password, you can also connect additional security features, such as two-factor authentication.

The disadvantages of CoinExchange include, primarily, the inability to recharge using fiat currency. Therefore, before you register on the exchange, you must first create another crypto-wallet, buy the cryptocurrency on another trading platform, and only then register an account. There are also certain restrictions on withdrawals.


UpBit is a relatively young cryptocurrency exchange. It appeared in 2017, at the peak of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It is a member of a large South Korean consortium, which includes the country's leading messenger Kakao Talk, the largest payment service Kakao Pay, as well as the second most popular search engine Daum.

On the trading platform, you can trade Reddcoin only in pairs with Bitcoin, although there is a possibility of replenishing wallets with fiat money (however, only with the South Korean won). There is a huge set of tools to work with, small fees, cryptocurrency indexes available. But the main problem is the policy towards foreign traders. You can only work from the South Korean IP.

That’s it! ChangeNOW will automatically find the best rate and process your transaction. Your RDD will be delivered to your wallet in no time!

Impressed? Try to buy or exchange Reddcoin NOW!

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