How To Buy Cryptocurrency online

How To Buy Cryptocurrency

The blockchain market has shown unprecedented growth in the past few years. Its capitalization has increased several times, and top coins like Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin have grown on average 15 times. This happened due to the growing demand on the market and an increase in cryptocurrency purchase volumes. However, it should be noted that purchasing crypto entails great risks, as the market is still very volatile (due to its decentralization and low level of institutionalization). Check out this guide on how to buy cryptocurrency online from ChangeNOW, a leading registration-free instant cryptocurrency exchange service.

Before we tell you how to buy cryptocurrency online, you need to get your own cryptocurrency wallet. It is a special cryptographic program that stores keys and allows to run transactions with your funds. Note that when you buy cryptocurrency with debit card instantly, you, in fact, buy the right to use it, because neither Bitcoins nor any other coin physically exists. All the transactions (for when you buy/sell cryptocurrency instantly) are recorded and stored in a set chains of blocks (hence the word blockchain). That is, when managing your cryptocurrency account, you manage records and keys, and they need to be stored somewhere. So technically, the question of, for example, how to buy cryptocurrency credit card cannot be answered correctly as you will still need a wallet first.

Best Website To Buy Cryptocurrency

Due to the frantic popularity of cryptocurrency, a huge number of exchanges specializing in their sale and purchase appeared. Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another (for example, Bitcoins for Ripple) or exchange fiat currency (let’s say, euros or dollars) for crypto. Using such websites you can buy any cryptocurrency online and instantly.

The performance of these websites is approximately the same. First, you sign up on the site, deposit money into the created account (transfer them from a bank card, via a terminal or from an electronic wallet: and that’s the answer to the questions of how to buy cryptocurrency with a bank account and how to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal). Then you select the desired cryptocurrency and the amount that you want to get, send a purchase request (order) and wait for confirmation of the transaction. If everything went well, the funds will be credited to your stock exchange account.

There are numerous websites that offer such services, however, you should always be careful and remember about the safety of your funds. The most trusted platforms that we recommend are Coinbase and Kraken.

Best Cryptocurrency Buying App

Nowadays, more and more crypto wallets have a currency exchange function. So if you are willing to find an app to buy/sell cryptocurrency you will manage to do so. In other words, if you are looking for the best cryptocurrency buying app you may check if you mobile wallet of choice has that feature. If it is the case, you will be able to exchange ordinary (fiat) money for Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency (if the wallet is multi-currency). To do this, select the “Exchange” section in your crypto wallet, enter the currency to be changed, the payment method (in most apps you can choose to buy cryptocurrency with Google Play Credit or to buy cryptocurrency with a debit card ) and the transaction amount. After the confirmation of the exchange, you will have your own cryptocurrency on your wallet account. Please note that the fee for the exchange in different services is noticeably different. Again, there are many top lists of the best apps to buy cryptocurrency (Android), however, we recommend the Coinbase app.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency With Cash

In 2019, not surprisingly, there are quite a few ways to buy cryptocurrency (we are talking about both Bitcoin and altcoins) with cash. First of all, there are Bitcoin ATMs. They are machines for exchanging fiat currencies for crypto. Such ATMs were being installed worldwide from the end of 2013 and nowadays there are more than 2000 pieces in more than 60 countries. The main advantage of crypto ATMs is that in order to use them, you do not need to know about cryptocurrency almost anything. These devices are often viewed as the much needed missing link between the blockchain market and the mass consumer. For many people, they are a good alternative to facilitate exchanges of fiat money for cryptocurrency as you a user is not required to know a great deal about the specifics of transactional algorithms and the security is already taken care for them.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency With USD

The best way to buy cryptocurrency with USD is to use stock market websites or a crypto exchange that supports USD to crypto pairs (we have talked about them in a previous section). Surely, you have exchanged electronic money for the usual through a special online service, that’s the world we live in. Any cryptocurrency exchange works in a similar manner: you enter the original currency for exchange, the desired cryptocurrency and its amount. The system makes certain calculations and shows the amount you need to pay for the exchange. If you are okay with the offer and fee you click "Exchange". The money will be withdrawn from your card, e-wallet or bank account and transferred to your crypto wallet. That’s how to buy cryptocurrency with debit card.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency In USA

To learn how to buy cryptocurrency in USA legally you must know about CFD (Contract For Difference). It is is a financial instrument similar to some kind of an index or share. CFD allows you to trade the corresponding asset (for example, crypto coins or tokens), even if you do not own it. Nowadays, there are no Bitcoin CFD trading options allowed in USA, but at the moment US bank regulators are pushing to legitimise Bitcoin trading by giving it a national licence. There are websites, like Avatrade, for example, that have started to introduce legal trading for some currencies. However, outside of this option, for now, most USA traders cannot help but to stick with using cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges scheme if they want, for example, to buy Ripple cryptocurrency in USA. We can recommend only to keep your eye on the latest crypto CFD updates and use one of the previously discussed ways of buying crypto in USA.

Check out this guide on how to buy cryptocurrency from ChangeNOW! Stay tuned for more guides, educational articles, and price predictions on ChangeNOW's blog!

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