Hold Tight: A Letter from ChangeNOW

A Letter From ChangeNOW

Hey everyone and Happy Holidays!

Here’s an important bit of info for you all — right now, the market is moving very fast, and we’re facing an unprecedented amount of customer activity.

On one hand, it’s great and we appreciate each and every one of you.

On the other hand, it means that exchanges on ChangeNOW might take longer to process than usual; some might take hours. The team is working around the clock and constantly running optimizations to make sure that everything works as smoothly as possible, sorting through and finishing every stuck transaction.

All stuck exchanges will be processed as soon as possible, including those that we have to do manually — it might take a little more time, though. The reason for that is us looking through each and every exchange and making sure none of our customers lose any of their funds because of us.

We love fast exchanges — we really do. And we will get back to being faster than light in no time. Just give us a little more time to get through.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you so, so much for your patience. You are the best.

Love, ChangeNOW