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Crypto Exchange via Messengers – a New Era of Crypto Swapping?

Instant crypto exchange services became a user-friendly tool, meaning that you are able to exchange crypto even through your smartphone. But how could one make the crypto exchange even more accessible and easy? Crypto exchange in messengers may be the solution!

The cryptocurrency market has grown incredibly over 12 years of existence. According toCoinmarketcap, today there are approximately 1600 coins and more than 500 exchanges where you can convert different currencies. For over 12 years, the swap approach has changed. The first successful crypto platforms have already passed their history from the emergence to the complete closure (BTC-e, Mt. Gox – stopped functioning in February 2014). Since then, many exchanges much more convenient and secure managed to appear on the market.

When such trading giants as Coinbase (founded in 2012) and Binance (founded in 2017) arose in the crypto world, people became able to buy, sell, and trade digital currencies. However, some of the disadvantages annoyed customers as they didn’t go along with crypto ideology – such as registration required and exchange limits. Many exchanges had to set very low limits on the exchange & purchase of crypto without verification due to money laundering and overall toughening crypto laws. On top of that, big trading platforms have complex interfaces and requirements to keep money on the deposit account. Cryptocurrencies’ main principle is to provide customers with non-custodial transactions – the ones that don’t require verification. That led to the establishment of new crypto exchange services like ChangeNOW. It is non-custodial, limitless, and account-free. Instant crypto exchange services became a user-friendly tool for mobile devices, meaning that you are able to exchange crypto through your smartphone. That’s a faster way than signing up on big trading platforms and waiting hours for your transaction to proceed.

Nevertheless, progress does not stand still. In the 21st century, people spend significant time in their messengers: chat groups, news channels, and service bots. One of the most popular messenger apps is Telegram. It has become home for hundreds of groups dedicated to many aspects of cryptocurrency. But why does the crypto world rely on Telegram? Besides increased privacy, users benefit from a myriad of other useful features. Here are some of the most important:

  1. By creating channels, companies can share messages and update information about their services. The messages can reach an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Getting the latest news and updates in real-time is essential in crypto community.
  2. Telegram has developed bot services, making it easy for users to benefit from AI and communicate with peers effectively. Telegram bots integrate easily with other services and make a series of features possible, such as news channels, accepting payments, and automating a wide range of activities.

Telegram bots – the benefits

A Telegram bot can do almost anything crypto traders need to manage their assets effectively. For instance, crypto trading bots provide price analytics and send notifications when a cryptocurrency reaches a set price level. Also, it is possible to exchange crypto through Telegram bots. Here are some examples of how a crypto Telegram bot can be helpful:

  • Bitzlato – the set of crypto exchange Telegram bots. To convert your funds, you firstly need to find the exact bot depending on the currency you want to swap.
  • Rocket Coin keeps users updated about a cryptocurrency market cap.
  • Tracktxbot notifies you when you receive deposits of digital coins or ERC-20 tokens with just your wallet address.
  • Intelligent Trading Bot provides valuable data and insights to enable users to benefit from the advanced trading techniques.

Another way to use a Telegram is to exchange crypto with ChangeNOW official bot. It allows you to instantly exchange a wide variety of cryptocurrencies directly from your pocket. Let’s take a look at the pros & cons of using ChangeNOW Telegram bot.


  • As the bot is powered by ChangeNOW, the transactions are as quick and secure as in the web version.
  • It’s limitless – exchange as much crypto as you want.
  • It allows you to stay up-to-date with the timely push-notifications.
  • Always in your pocket.


  • Some of the tokens are not available compared to the web version.
  • While using Telegram bot, an exchange is held in a chat format. This is why some customers are more comfortable with web version as there are several fixed fields with all the info.

Also, you can enjoy a 30% discount for all exchanges through the Telegram bot until April 29th. This is a part of our Community Hodling Event – a place where people decide what crypto to invest the $200 community fund in. Come join, it’s much fun!

The future of crypto exchange

This was a quick overview of how crypto is coming into messengers. As you can see, this field is yet not too much developed, and there's still a bulk of potential. As for our team, we are constantly working at our bot as we believe that instant messengers are the great way to make the crypto exchange even easier and closer to the people. We wish you luck, and may your experience in using crypto services be only nice and positive.

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