Ethereum Classic Wallet 2020

Ethereum Classic has been around here for a pretty long time. Since the day of the hard fork when the single Ethereum chain was split in two, Ethereum Classic, the second, lesser network, was trying to become something bigger than just a fork. Many teams joined the development and now they continue rolling out new updates. Shortly, in January 2020, they plan to hard fork ETC to achieve parity with Ethereum and to implement the same changes, available in the Constantinople and Petersburg upgrades. This change will improve the performance of the chain, and attract new traders and developers to ETC. Thus, it’s time to think in advance and buy some ETC tokens, but the question is: where to store them? In this article, we’ll briefly review some of the most popular wallets for every platform. We hope it’ll help you. Let’s start. 

ETC Wallet Apps for Mobile Phones 

If you’re looking for Ethereum classic wallet app for mobile phones, try Trust Wallet. It’s a secure wallet for both platforms - you can use it if you’re looking for Ethereum classic wallet for android or Ethereum classic wallet for iPhone. It’s worth noting that Apple has very strict rules on publishing applications to stores, so only the worthy apps can be found there. 

Ethereum Classic Wallet 2020

Another great Ethereum classic wallet for iOS is Guarda. It’s a free mobile app for storing and exchanging crypto that supports many blockchains, including ETC. If you suddenly feel the need to exchange your Ethereum classic on a mobile wallet, you can open the app and instantly swap ETC tokens for something else. You can download this Ethereum classic wallet here.

Web Wallets And Desktop Wallets

If you don’t want to deal with mobile applications, you can try a client for desktop. In this section, we wanted to tell you about Ethereum classic web wallets, but sadly, the only wallet, available online, was hacked two years ago. Thus, there’s no such thing as my Ethereum classic wallet for the web. That’s why you should use desktop clients or stick with the Ethereum classic wallet chrome extension. 

Depending on your operating system, you might need an Ethereum classic wallet for Mac or an Ethereum classic wallet for Windows. Atomic Wallet has both clients and aside from ETC it also supports a large variety of tokens - more than 300, including BTC, ETH, and stablecoins. 

Ethereum Classic Wallet 2020

As an alternative, you can download the previously mentioned Guarda, which also has the Ethereum classic desktop wallet for iOS, and it works great.

Ethereum Classic Hardware Wallet

Using hardware wallets is a very expensive, yet pretty secure method to store your crypto. An average wallet costs around $100 for a new device. It’s not recommended to buy an Ethereum classic wallet device from anywhere except for the official site, because otherwise they can tamper and you can lose your funds by using them. The best wallet for Ethereum classic in this section is Ethereum classic Ledger Nano wallet. It’s the most advanced solution on the market and it has no publicly known security flaws. 

Ethereum Classic Wallet 2020


Being a crypto investor isn’t an ordinary task. Owning stocks is easy - you get registered in the official list of stock owners and that’s it. The crypto market demands you to take care of your money by yourself. Finding a good Ethereum classic wallet isn’t an ordinary task, because the community of the project is very small. Luckily, we have listed all classic Ethereum wallets in this article and we hope it was useful for you. If you need more information, you can always check the best Ethereum classic Reddit, where you can find answers to such questions as “how to create Ethereum classic wallet” or “when is the Ethereum classic emerald wallet release date”. 

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