Emerging Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Nobody gets surprised with one's will to invest in cryptocurrency anymore. The blockchain is a significant part of our life and has proved to be feasible and the market grants us with a wide variety of emerging cryptocurrencies. The thing is – some crypto coins prosper and some disappear without a trace. ChangeNOW, a leading limitless cryptocurrency exchange, is ready to dig into the list of top cryptocurrencies to invest in and help our clients make sense of the basic purchase rules.

The top cryptocurrencies to invest list might not actually be what the traders are looking forward to following. Before making your first investments, it is essential to understand the future projections of a digital currency you want to support. Long-term predictions require research – crypto is a serious investment and, just like real estate or precious metals, needs a thoughtful approach.

Before diving into the investments, you need to consider the following:

  • Are you going to sell right at the moment of a price peak?
  • Are you going to trade everything at once?
  • What is the amount you can afford to lose?
  • Are you psychologically ready for not making the profit?
  • Are you good in thorough research?

When you answer all the questions provided above, you will have a picture of your investment future and the idea of whether you want a long-term or short-term investment.

Now, let us proceed to the list of cryptocurrencies to invest in. The information we give here should not become your only guide to the crypto investment. Make sure not to make any rushed decisions.

What are the best coins to invest in?


DASH cryptocurrency has definitely earned its place in the list of cryptocurrencies with the most potential. The coin was only created in 2015 and has already hit a market capitalization of $2,036,525,273. Impressive, right? During its short life, Dash was performing an overwhelming number of fast and secure transactions every day. The value of DASH coin is now around $68 – a good starting point to consider adding DASH into your investing schedule.


Cardano is a platform that facilitates the blockchain-based technology for the ADA coin. The best thing about Cardano functioning is being an open-source project. Transparency is very valuable in the emerging cryptocurrency scene these days. Besides, Cardano is created with the Haskell code, making it stand out from other market competitors. The market cap of ADA is $786,664,565 with a  $0.030341 price.


Tron is an attractive coin for investors. Traders are starting to realise the potential of TRX and buying low now to sell high in the next months. If you have not heard of it before, Tron is a platform launched by Justin Sun. TRX cryptocurrency is aimed at making fast and secure transactions, as well as supporting the entertainment industry. The use of Tron then eliminates the need of third-parties and allows paying directly to the developers.

As for Tron price, it is at $0.013371. Buy low – sell high.


If you are asking which cryptocurrency to buy, you might want to consider the options that are slightly different from the popular coins. Nem is not mineable and it uses the Proof-of-Importance to determine the harvesters of the next block. Such an approach is quite new to the crypto space, making Nem on more of the best coins to invest in. The transactions on Nem network are incredibly fast too and require a fee of only 0.01%.
If you are not interested yet, consider the fact that NEM price is only $0.068216 at the time of writing.


Neo is a technically sophisticated network created by Da Hongei. The Proof-of-Stake system that Neo utilises makes the coin one of the best coins to invest in now. The Delegated Byzantine Fault System lies in the foundation of Neo. The coin is really using cutting-edge technology to make the crypto experience enter a new era. Currently, Neo has gained some weight on the market and reached a price of $5.95 – still a great chance to buy low.

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