Donald Trump’s Resurrected Tweets to Be Sold as NFTs

Strategic Meme Group Inc. has put up all tweets from former US President, Donald Trump Jr., for sale, in what would become the latest surprising trend yet offered by the fast-growing NFT space.

Trump’s Tweets Remain Alive

The ex-President’s twitter account was suspended in January, 2021, following controversial tweets about the 2021 US Presidential election. While the tweets have since remained inaccessible following the former president’s suspension, Strategic Meme Group Inc. have made sure Trump’s tweets are not forgotten so soon.

With thousands of Donald Trump’s tweets on its site, the group has offered each Donald Trump tweet as a unique NFT collectible artwork called “Drumpf.”

Each Drumpf will be available as an NFT collectible artwork “featuring a Donald Trump’s tweet.” Described by its creators as “resurrected”, a buyer can choose to keep a tweet “alive” with a payment of 0.0232 ETH. Filters for Trump’s tweet have been made very easy as well, as buyers are allowed to sieve through the maelstrom of tweets for tweets fitting into several categories like “Infamous”, “Deleted”, or “Flagged”.
There are, at press time, exactly 46,631 controversial “presidential” tweets available on Strategic Meme’s site.

NFTs Popularity Not Easing Off

NFTs (non fungible tokens) make purchase and ownership of unique items possible. By representing data as blockchain tokens, interested buyers can buy an item, such as a Drumpf, with solid conviction of possessing the original version of it.

After the first NFT was sold in 2014, the industry has taken some time to develop, and has recorded its most significant growth in 2021.

Barely a month ago, the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet was put up for auction and was sold as an NFT collectible for 2.9 million dollars. Since then, NFT sales have recorded unbelievable numbers and rightly so, garnering traction even on mainstream media, with the current NFT record sale standing at 69 million USD. 

Like a few notable NFTs that have been sold in the past months, Supreme Meme Group Inc. will be donating all proceeds from Trump’s tweets’ sale to charity.