Dogecoin Wallet Review 2019

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin cryptocurrency (DOGE) initially appeared as a kind of mockery of the serious perception of digital currency users. However, at the moment, the total capitalization of the coins amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars and the project itself became one of the most successful in crypto history. If you want to become the owner of Dogecoins as well you will need to create a Dogecoin wallet that will store your funds securely. A crypto wallet is similar to your bank account in a way that it has a dogecoin wallet address that can be used to transfer funds from wallet to wallet. There couldn’t be any questions on how to find a dogecoin wallet address as it is assigned during the time when you make a Dogecoin wallet and cannot be changed. Hopefully, you will be able to choose your perfect Dogecoin wallet based on the Dogecoin Wallet Review 2019 that ChangeNOW, a leading instant cryptocurrency exchange service, has come up with.

Top Dogecoin wallets list

  1. Jaxx
  2. Coinomi
  3. Ledger Nano S
  4. Guarda
  5. Dogecoin Core

Best Dogecoin Wallet App iOS

Jaxx is a well-known multi-currency wallet. It has both desktop and mobile options but it is the iOS version that deserves a closer look in our opinion. It is a good choice for anyone looking to securely store their Dogecoins on the phone. It is a Dogecoin wallet app and the user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Even those who’ve never used a cryptocurrency wallet before should have no problem in learning how to manage their DOGE using the Jaxx wallet. On top of that, Jaxx makes exchanging your coins a breeze with built-in ShapeShift exchange. To download Jaxx go to the website

Best Dogecoin Wallet App Android

Coinomi is a mobile wallet designed specifically for storing multiple cryptocurrencies. It supports many coins and Doge is no exception. Many analysts rated Coinomi as the best free Dogecoin wallet app. It has robust privacy features and an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes the Coinomi app the perfect choice for on-the-go users. Coinomi provides a secure storage platform with support for a wide variety of digital assets and a built-in exchange for fast and easy trading. For more info on Coinomi wallet please proceed to the

Ledger Nano S Dogecoin Wallet

If you are considering offline storage for your funds and Dogecoin paper wallet does not seem that secure you wouldn’t be able to find a better option than Ledger Nano S Dogecoin wallet. It is a popular hardware wallet which boasts a number of security features for safe and secure storage of cryptocurrencies The set up is super easy and the device itself is similar to a small USB device. It stores your private keys safely encrypted and protected by a PIN and two-factor authentication. It even features an easy backup and a restore option in case you manage to lose your device and wondering how to restore Dogecoin wallet. There is a built-in display that, along with buttons on the device, can be used to manually verify transactions. You can order Ledger Nano S at the official website

Best Dogecoin Online Wallet

Guarda wallet provides a secure way to store Doge cryptocurrency and using this platform anyone can make a Dogecoin wallet in mere minutes. Guarda is a Dogecoin lite wallet in a way that the user's private key is protected and is not stored on the server. It is also worth mentioning that the interface is nice and intuitive. Designed to send and receive DOGE, Guarda also allows you to view your Dogecoin wallet address and Dogecoin wallet balance and use the built-in exchange. As it is a multi-currency wallet you may conveniently create your own, let’s say, Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin wallet combination and transfer funds between them with no fuss at all. To start with Guarda, go to the page.

Best Dogecoin Desktop Wallet

Dogecoin Core is a full node version of the official Dogecoin wallet that is compatible with any OS and PC. It is a reliable application that provides a sufficient set of functions for management DOGE funds, however, you should be ready for some difficulties as to make a Dogecoin wallet with Dogecoin Core you’ll need to download the full blockchain. It will take more time than with lighter versions and the wallet itself requires significant free space on your PC. This is the safest option, though. You can download this wallet at the official page

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