DigiByte(DGB) Price Prediction 2020

Our world is changing every second. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that got global media coverage. But it is also thought to be a total disaster for digital asset technology. So, we were looking for an alternative for years and many developers came up with better options. Therefore, we reviewed the Bitcoin crash in 2018 and found something very interesting. During a study of the digibyte (DGB) review 2018, we came up with the idea that the highly secured DGB cryptocurrency is becoming a competitor for the Bitcoin. Let’s see how things are going for DGB in recent years and what are the DGB news and digibyte predictions.

What is DGB?

Digitbyte or DGB is a decentralized digital asset that is considered faster, secure and innovative than other cryptocurrencies. Already DGB is considered a potential digital asset with more transaction capacity at a cheaper price than Bitcoin and Litecoin. Digibyte was first introduced in early 2014 with the hope to change the cryptocurrency domain forever. Fortunately, in 6 years it became one of the fastest, safest and cheapest global digital currencies with media coverage around the world. The multiple mining algorithms of digibyte provide extra safety to the users. As a result of such technological advancements, criminals won’t be able to crack the system easily like other digital currencies.

Another great milestone achieved by Digibyte is that each transaction is confirmed within 15 seconds which is a lot faster than any other competitor. The use of effortless Digi-ID technology shows how much progress they made in recent years. Considering the rise of Digibyte in the new decade, we will talk more about the current digibyte price, a short term and long term digibyte price prediction and how to get the currency from the marketplace.

DGB Price: What Does It Depend On?

DGB is one of the cryptocurrencies that has never taken Initial coin offering (ICO) funds. The blockchain is completely community-based. The value of the blockchain comes from an unusual network with three layers. First, the application layer is where the public creates transactions. Then, a protective layer for the digital asset. And finally, a technical layer for a core communications protocol. Digibyte price is quite independent from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The price is more dependent on factors like the circulation of coins, press coverage, regulation, popularity, and the adoption of new technologies.

DGB is becoming people’s favorite since they decided the commission it charges will be $0.0001 which is really low. In the current market, DGB to USD has favorable rates helping the businesses to allow DGB USD payments. In the chart, we can see that after an initial fall in the late 2018 DGB rate remained more stable compared to other crypto giants like Bitcoin. Prior to 2019, DGB price was steady for almost 3 years. So people started to gain confidence in the price, stability and security of the currency. In autumn 2017, there was a growth in the popularity of DGB due to the listing of the currency on popular exchanges.

DGB Price Prediction 2020

Before we jump to the digibyte prediction, we must go through how DGB performed so far in 2020. On 1st January 2020, DGB USD pair opened at $0.005255 with a market cap of 66 million. The month closed at $0.006211 increasing the market cap to 79 million. The closing value of February and March was $0.005771 and $0.004554 respectively which showed a decreasing pattern. In April, the currency tried to gain some strength although the market cap came down at 64 million.

To understand the future value of digibyte and digibyte potential, the things we incorporated in our study are - digibyte news, DGB technical analysis and expert opinions. We would like to share the results of our digibyte price prediction with you. Digibyte price prediction 2020 The online editorials like CoinFan and Digital Coin Price are positive about the growth of DGB and digibyte coin prediction. CoinFan thinks the price should be $0.35-$0.44 in 2020. However, Crypto Gunter and Coin Liker are more optimistic about the digibyte future value than others. Crypto Gunter is expecting an increase in price digibyte and it will reach $20 in 2020. On the other hand, Wallet investor thinks the price will fall in 2020. They have a prediction of $0.000551 which is really low. Despite such a negative review by Wallet investor, one of the community members of Digibyte gave a positive movement indication of the digital currency. So after considering all the facts and data, we can predict that the price of DGB USD might close at $0.1 in 2020. By 2020, the use of smart contracts and Guarda DigiByte wallet will improve user confidence creating an upward movement in the marketplace.

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DGB Long term Price Prediction

DGB has already circulated 12 billion coins and decided to circulate 12 billion more within 2035. Therefore, the long term digibyte coin price will be affected by the large emission of coins in the market. We also need to note that since it is a community-driven digital asset the extreme price rise is not a consideration for the team. Some of the long term price predictions we came up from different online enthusiasts are summed up here. Wallet Investor They think DGB will reach $0.0783 in 2025. The pricing is thought to be conservative by many experts. Digital Coin Price The digital coin price was more positive about DGB’s growth and predicted $0.114563 in 5 years. Coin Liker The prediction of Coin Liker was that the price of DGB will reach $3.50 in 2025. Depending on the current strategy of the developers we can’t strongly agree that the price will rise at this level. Crypto Ground Crypto ground thinks DGB is a profitable long term investment. They are highly optimistic about the digital currency and predicted a price of $0.0875 in 2025. Thus, a price rise is quite understandable and we think it might reach $0.2-$0.5 level in the next 3-5 years.

Where to Buy DGB?

The good thing about DGB is that we can get the currency in around 120 exchanges. The exchanges update the price of digibyte coin all the time and you can easily open and close a position in DGB by having a good understanding of the market. These exchanges also allow you to buy digibyte with USD and other fiat currencies. Some of the exchanges we would like you to go through are given below.


ChangeNOW is a limitless crypto exchange where you can buy and sell DGB. Almost all the popular cryptocurrencies can be used to buy DGB including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We accept Visa and Mastercard where fiat currencies can be used to purchase digibyte. To buy DGB or to exchange digibyte to bitcoin onChangeNOW you can follow these easy steps. Step 1. Go to the ChangeNOW home page and choose the currency pairs. Enter the amount you want to exchange and you will get the DGB amount you will receive. Step 2. Enter the Wallet Address for receiving your coins. Step 3. Check the confirmation page and press the confirm button. Step 4. Send Bitcoins to the address mentioned on the screen. Step 5. Get bonus ‘Now’ tokens which can be used later for special exchange rates and accelerated support. Binance Binance is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. They have a wide range of features but you can’t buy DGB on Binance through cash, card or cryptocurrency pairs since it is not listed in Binance. In a digibyte coin news, we found that Binance wanted $300,000 and 3% of all DGB to list digibyte in the exchange. But since the currency is a decentralized blockchain project, the digibyte community thought it would be impossible for them.


In conclusion, we’ve covered a lot about the current situation of digibyte and where the currency is heading in the future. It is impossible to give an accurate prediction of the currency but we tried to give as many facts as possible to validate our claims. I think in terms of future growth the ability of the developer team to provide up-to-date technologies and tools can be a key factor for any digital currency. On the contrary, security from getting hacked can also play a crucial role. It is true that Digibyte is designed to be ready for mass adoption. The pricing factors are well maintained and well decorated by the developers to make the currency usable in day-to-day transactions. The mining mechanism is well protected from scammers. Such critical steps taken by digibyte helped the currency to maintain a positive note in the past and we can anticipate that the price of DGB will steadily move upwards without making the currency a piece of news for being extremely volatile. Therefore, our DGB price prediction supports a long term holding of DGB which might see a constant growth in the future. Disclaimer: This article reflects its author’s opinion only and is not financial advice. We take no responsibility for the results of any trader’s decision or action. To learn more about DGB please visit the following Digibyte Coin Review in our blog.

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