#DelistBSV: ChangeNOW's Public Statement

On April 15, we got news about a recent case of Mr. Craig Wright disappointing the crypto community along with his associate Mr. Calvin Ayre - yet again. As advocates for a just and reasonable crypto environment, ChangeNOW decided that Bitcoin SV, the token that Mr. Wright spearheaded and now represents, didn’t have a place on our platform anymore.

However, we’re a community-oriented platform - our customers’ opinions are very important to us. So, we took to Twitter in order to get feedback on the situation.

The poll gained traction, with more than 1,700 people voting on it - 82% of those voted yes.

We as a service strongly disagree with Craig Stephen Wright's policies and business decisions - everything, really.
However, we believe that the @BitcoinSVNode community should not suffer because of some decisions one man made.
So, do you think we should #DelistBSV? $BSV #BSV

— ChangeNOW (@ChangeNOW_io) April 15, 2019

Having taken a look at the results, we realized we had to delist.

We have developed a delisting roadmap in order to make the process as convenient for our community members as possible, as well as not compromise our partners’ interests and our obligations to them.

Therefore, ChangeNOW’s #DelistBSV policy is as follows:

  • All BSV purchases will be removed off our website, effective immediately;
  • We’re still giving our customers a chance to sell their BSV if they so desire, until further notice - stay tuned for our updates on social media;
  • As we do have certain obligations to our wallet partners, that we wish to preserve the integrity of, all BSV exchanges will still be available in our API;
  • As removing BSV exchanges from our Android app will take some more time, the process of delisting BSV from the app will take effect at the next stage.

As we stand for all things good and oppose all things bad, we believe this strategy shows our stance on the matter while not causing too much discomfort to our long-time customers who also happen to be BSV supporters. Stay tuned for more news on social media!

That’s it, folks! Thank you very much for reading, and remember - try not to be evil. It helps in the long run.

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