How to exchange BTC to Vertcoin

This is a ChangeNOW guide on how to exchange Vertcoin, with more than 160 coins without an account! Learn how to exchange Vertcoin on ChangeNOW!

How to exchange BTC to Vertcoin in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose your cryptocurrencies
  2. Enter the recipient address
  3. Confirm your transaction
  4. Make a deposit

Step 1. Choose your cryptocurrencies

Go to the front page of ChangeNOW’s website. You will see the stepper with the list of supported cryptocurrencies in there – choose the ones you would like to exchange. For example, Bitcoin to Vertcoin. ChangeNOW will show you the amount of VTC you will receive after the transaction. Then, press Exchange.

Step 2. Enter the recipient address

Enter the address of a wallet you would like to get your VTC in, then press Next. If you do not have a Vertcoin wallet, click “Don’t have a crypto wallet yet?” and choose a wallet from the list of trusted services.

Step 3. Confirm your transaction

Check all the information again and press Confirm. By confirming the transaction, you let us know that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 4. Make a deposit

After confirming the transaction, send your ETH to the wallet address ChangeNOW generated for you. The transactions can also be made with a QR code.

Step 5. Get NOW tokens!

Every CHangeNOW exchange grants you NOW tokens – the tokens can be later used on ChangeNOW to access special exchange rates and accelerated support. To get NOW tokens, enter your ERC-20 ETH wallet address.

Best Vertcoin Trading Platforms


Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the United States. It appeared quite a long time ago - in 2014, and during this time, it was able to get a fairly large audience. The popularity of Poloniex turned out to be an occasion for automating trading companies to enter into partnership agreements with the exchange. For example, the trading platform cooperates with GunBot or MetaTrader.

On Poloniex, margin trading is possible, so users can buy Vertcoin not only for personal funds, but also to use leverage. There is a special, dynamic system of fees, which vary depending on the trading volume. The maximum fee is only 0.25%. There is no mandatory verification on the service, but for users who have not passed it, there is a limit to withdraw up to $2000 per day.

The main problem of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange is the inability to work with fiat money. You can buy Vertcoin only for BTC. It is also not possible to withdraw funds directly to a bank card. In addition, there is only the English version, so there may be some difficulties for users who speak another language.


Bittrex is a crypto exchange that also appeared in the US in 2014. The marketplace is registered in Las Vegas. An important feature of this service is the storage of cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet, which is downloaded directly to the device. Buying Vertcoin on Bittrex is possible only with the use of BTC.

It is very convenient to work at the exchange due to flexible chart settings and a large number of instruments. Commissions on the trading platform are also quite adequate. When purchasing Vertcoin, you will have to pay only 0.25%, but not less than 0.001 BTC. A total of 250 cryptocurrencies are supported. Two-factor authentication is available, and when logging in, you will have to enter a captcha.

Everyone likes the security of the exchange, but not the lack of anonymity. Registration and verification on Bittrex are mandatory. Therefore it is necessary not only to specify personal data, but also to photograph documents. If two-factor authentication is not enabled, the maximum withdrawal will not be available. Bittrex is not localized to languages other than English.


UpBit is a trading platform that appeared simultaneously with the heyday of the cryptocurrency era in 2017. The South Korean startup was immediately noticed by the local giant Kakao Corp, which includes the popular messenger Kakao Talk and the payment system Kakao Pay. In addition, UpBit is an official partner of the Bittrex crypto-exchange.

You can buy Vertcoin on UpBit in the trading pair with BTC. The main advantage of the service is a huge number of tools for working with cryptocurrencies. There is an official mobile application, which is an important advantage over other crypto-exchanges. In addition to Vertcoin, 180 other types of digital currencies are also available. Upbit commissions are the lowest ones among all cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, all the benefits don’t matter because of a key flaw - the policy towards foreign traders. Only traders from South Korea are allowed to work on UpBit. There is a mandatory verification, and access is only by Korean phone number. Fiat money is supported by the exchange, but the account can be replenished only with the South Korean won.


CoinEgg is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in the UK. One of its distinguishing features is the huge number of altcoins which you can work with. It's nearing a record. As for fiat currencies, it is possible to work only with USDT stablecoin. Vertcoin can be purchased here in a trading pair with Bitcoin.

An important advantage of CoinEgg is its safety and excellent reputation. The crypto-exchange is one of the oldest, it has been operating since 2013. And for all 6 years of work, it wasn't recorded any incident connected with burglary or theft of personal data of users here. It is also worth noting the fee, which is one of the lowest in the market. It is only 0.1%.

As for the shortcomings, we can only highlight the lack of direct support for fiat money. Of course, you can use the stablecoin, but the lack of direct withdrawal to a bank account or card is not always convenient. Other disadvantages are not so significant. It would be worth adding more tools to work with cryptocurrencies.

Other Vertcoin crypto exchanges

In addition to trading platforms, which we observed above, Vertcoin is traded on several smaller crypto-exchanges. In particular, you can buy Vertcoin at SouthXChange - a little-known trading platform from Argentina, which appeared in 2018. However, despite the relatively low turnover, it can be used to buy Vertcoin due to low fees. There is also an API.

Another option to buy Vertcoin is Crypto Bridge. This is the American crypto-exchange, which has relied mainly on the altcoins trade. An important advantage of the trading platform is its decentralization. Crypto Bridge is a service based on its own blockchain, and is actually a cold storage. It is also worth noting that Crypto Bridge is not a website, the developers have created it as an application for smartphones or as a computer program. There is also a browser version.

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