How to exchange BTC to ETH

Follow ChangeNOW guide to exchange Ethereum, one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market, with more than 170 coins without an account!

This is a ChangeNOW guide on how to exchange Ethereum, one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market, with more than 170 coins without an account! Learn how to exchange Ethereum on ChangeNOW.

How to exchange BTC to ETH in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose your cryptocurrencies
  2. Enter the recipient address
  3. Confirm your transaction
  4. Make a deposit

Step 1. Choose your cryptocurrencies

Go to the main page of ChangeNOW’s website and choose a cryptocurrency you would like to exchange. For example, Bitcoin to Ethereum. After this, enter the amount of your deposit. ChangeNOW will calculate and show you the estimated number of ETH you will receive. Press Exchange.

Step 2. Enter the recipient address

Enter the recipient address Ether the address of a wallet you will use to get your Ethereum. If you do not have an ETH wallet, click “Don’t have a crypto wallet yet?” and choose a wallet from the list of trusted services. Then, press Next.

Step 3. Confirm your transaction

Check all the data again and, if everything seems correct, press Confirm. When you confirm the transaction, you let ChangeNOW know that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 4. Make a deposit

After confirming the transaction,  send your BTC to the wallet address we have generated for you. The transaction can also be made with a QR code.

Step 5. Get NOW tokens!

Every exchange performed through ChangeNOW grants you NOW tokens. The token can be used on our service to access special features – accelerated support, exclusive exchange rates and so on. To receive NOW, enter your ERC-20 ETH wallet address.

Best Ethereum trading platforms


Binance is a relatively young crypto-exchange, which was created at the heyday of cryptocurrencies. However, this trading platform has shown an example of how to quickly earn the trust of users. In just a few months, it has evolved from a little-known service to the largest exchange in the crypto community, so it must be considered the first one to buy Ethereum.

Binance offers users to buy or sell Ethereum with minimal fee. It is only 0.1%. The trading platform has a high bandwidth, the service can pass 1.4 million orders per second. Convenient, intuitive interface can also be attributed to the advantages of the crypto-exchange. You can select English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, or French languages.

Binance is a recognizable brand in the crypto community. This exchange is trusted, so it is considered one of the best to buy Ethereum. There is only one more or less serious drawback - there is no possibility to use fiat money. Therefore, before you start working with ETH, you will first have to get another cryptocurrency.


EXMO is one of the leading trading platforms for traders who are just starting to work with cryptocurrencies and Ethereum in particular. The main reason is the work of the service with fiat currencies. You can use dollars or euros, Russian rubles or Ukrainian hryvnia to pay for the purchase.

The fee is quite acceptable on EXMO, for each transaction you need to pay only 0.2%. We can also note the high speed of work, the crypto-exchange allows you to make transfers within the network in just a few seconds, and the average withdrawal time is 10 minutes. In addition to the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency for fiat, you can also sell ETH for dollars or euros, and then withdraw money directly to a bank account or card.

However, certain delays in the deposit and withdrawal of funds on EXMO still occur. It doesn't happen often, but this disadvantage can’t be ignored. Another rather serious drawback is the lack of an official mobile client. However, the ability to work with fiat and a good level of security make EXMO a good choice to buy Ethereum.


BTC-Alpha is a crypto-exchange registered in the UK in 2015. It was created by immigrants from the CIS, so the service is available in English and Russian languages. The trading platform has a fairly simple interface, making it easy for a beginner to understand trading. At the same time, the number of instruments on BTC-Alpha is quite large.

The crypto-exchange supports the fiat currency - the US dollar. The developers have taken care of protection - there are two types of two-factor authentication. The fee on the service is only 0.1%, and inside the site, transfers are carried out without any fee. Also an interesting referral program is worth noting, with which you can earn up to 50% of the referral's income.

As for the drawbacks, there are limited opportunities to replenish trading accounts. For example, it is impossible to do this with a bank card, only through payment systems (for example, Payeer or Advcash). In addition, there is no mobile application, which also creates certain inconveniences for traders.


One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, which appeared in 2013. Huobi was created in China before the republic decided on restrictions on digital assets. Despite all these problems, Huobi continues to be one of the largest trading platforms in the world. The crypto-exchange supports 9 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian and others.

Huobi paid great attention to safety. The system of protection against DDoS attacks on the service is one of the best in the crypto community. The commission is dynamic, and the more Ethereum you buy or sell at a time, the less the fee is. The maximum is 0.2%. The crypto-exchange has developed programs for desktop and mobile applications, so it is convenient to work with it anywhere.

One of the main problems of Huobi is the complexity of verification. It is mandatory on the site, so this place is not the best option for beginners. The most popular payment services in Europe don’t work with Huobi. It is also unknown what the future unfolds for Huobi within the current problems with cryptocurrency regulation in China.


Kucoin, like Binance, appeared at the peak of cryptocurrency development - in 2017. However, unlike its “peer”, which managed to become a real giant, this crypto-exchange had a somewhat different fate. However, buying Ethereum on the trading platform is convenient and profitable. There are many advantages of working with it.

The primary advantage is the lack of mandatory verification. Therefore, users have the opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies anonymously. The service offers more than 300 trading pairs. The fee on Kucoin is also low, around 0.2%, and for certain cryptocurrencies it is absent. In addition, it is worth noting a large number of trading instruments.

Among the disadvantages of the service we can specify the fact that you can’t work with fiat money. Also, the brand itself is little known, and there are not so much reviews about it.

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