Civic Coin Price Prediction: What Will Follow?

What Is Civic (CVC)?

Whenever you carry out a transaction on the blockchain, you probably expect it to go as fast and smoothly as possible. However, sometimes the security concerns force the platform to do a KYC/AML check, which might take up longer time and need you to provide personal identification. While these concerns are absolutely understandable and security is basically the most important part of the blockchain, the necessity to upload scans of your ID and wait for them to be verified might become annoying at some point. This is where the Civic platform might come in handy.

Civic is a decentralized identity verification protocol that works on Ethereum blockchain. The developers claim the identification process to be secure, fast and cheap. Once you upload your personal ID, there will be no need to do this again: as long as Civic has your data, the further KYC/AML checks will be fast and easy. This works for both individual customers and businesses. The access to the platform is open to the public, and creating user interfaces is free of charge.

Civic Coin (CVC) Price Today

The in-platform transactions are purchased with Civic own utility tokens (CVC). The history of Civic coin (CVC) price hasn’t been too successful: launched in 2017, CVC token reached 0.65$ in value, and has been falling in price since. As of now (October 2019), the price of Civic coin consistently remains at 3 or 4 dollar cents. Next, we’ll be looking at CVC price prediction, drawn up by professional crypto experts.

Civic Coin Price Prediction

Civic Coin (CVC) Price Prediction 2019

The prognosis for the remaining year stays grim for Civic coin (CVC). According to, CVC has few chances to rise above 0.05$ till the end of the year. gives the same predictions: Civic coin (CVC) is unlikely to significantly rise over the course of the next months.

Civic Coin (CVC) Price Prediction 2020

As for the following year, the predictions for Civic coin (CVC) vary: claims that CVC is likely to skyrocket in 2020, reaching the value of 0.68$ in a year’s time from now and making Civic coin a good investment idea. isn’t as optimistic, stating that the possible maximum value for CVC in 2020 is 0.50$ (granted that certain conditions will be satisfied).

Civic Coin (CVC) Price Prediction 2021

What will happen to Civic coin (CVC) in 2021? provides a monthly diagram regarding CVC price prediction for the next following years. In 2021, Civic coin (CVC) is not expected to cost more than 0.10$, thus making the optimistic forecast for the previous year quite short-lived. The same goes for, which also claims CVC will cost about 0.10-11$ in 2021.

Civic Coin (CVC) Price Prediction 2025

As for the next five or six years, some predictions regarding Civic coin (CVC) are quite optimistic, promising a significant growth -- up to 3.50$ per coin. Some other forecasts, however, expect CVC remain in the lower price category, costing no more than 0.18$ in 2024-2025.

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. The information presented in this article should not be considered as any sort of investing advice and the reader should do their own research before taking any actions.

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