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ChangeNOW's Affiliate Contest – Get The Win!

Did you know that ChangeNOW has some affiliate products?

Well, it’s time to learn all about them, because we’re setting up a competition!

Here are a couple of our affiliate options:

Our exchange widget and exchange button!

Add the exchange on your site! Our widget has been designed with the utmost care to the needs of an average crypto user. You can be sure that your users will love it!

Our widget is already used by various wallets, news outlets, blog pages, and coin websites – that way, anyone can swap their crypto from the comfort of the service or website they can trust.

Your very ready-to-go own exchange service!

This feature is designed for those who have always wanted to create, operate and profit from their own cryptocurrency exchange service but didn’t want to bother with development. After installing the plugin, you have a fully functioning website that supports standard and fixed exchange flows!

This is the easiest way to integrate ChangeNOW’s features. 

Share unique affiliate links generated just for you on your blog, web page, or social media account and get paid for every exchange made through your links. 

Every option carries all the benefits that the original ChangeNOW service has. Your exchange will support all of our cryptos, and there are over 200 of those! Your exchange won’t have any limits, meaning people can swap as much as they want through your widget/button/service. It will be non-custodial, account-free and faster-than-light – just like ChangeNOW is!

We guess that you are already persuaded by now, but how about an extra 0.01 BTC for using these amazing features?

Here is the simple deal:

  1. You integrate one of our affiliate solutions;
  2. You encourage people to use your exchange and enjoy instant swaps of 200+ cryptos;
  3. If in a week (Feb. 1 - Feb. 9) you’ve had more exchanges than all the other participants, you get the prize!

Good luck! May the crypto be ever in your favor!

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