ChangeNOW Token Listing Policy

Due to popular demand, we have decided to give our partners and community an opportunity to list a token they would like to see on ChangeNOW for a listing fee, paid in NOW!

Note: The listing policy applies only for tokens currently traded on Uniswap.

Price: 150000 NOW (if you don’t have any NOW, you can buy it here)

Listing time since payment: 10 business days

Listing conditions:

  • Token is traded on Uniswap
  • Token has an ETH/WETH or BNB/WBNB market
  • ETH/BNB volume in the pool equals or is more than $100000

Please note that we can decline the listing without disclosing the reason; the listing fee will not be charged.

Delisting conditions:

  • Liquidity dropping below $100000 (can be listed back as soon as the amount goes back to the required level)
  • If the token’s project has been publicly denounced as scam
  • Upon request from legal authorities
  • According to ChangeNOW’s internal decision without disclosing the reason – in this case, the listing fee will be refunded.

Would like to list your token on ChangeNOW? Follow the link and join us right away.

Disclaimer: ChangeNOW reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate any of the parts of this policy or the entire policy altogether at any time for any reason.