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ChangeNOW – The Number One Non-Custodial Exchange Platform

With over 200 currencies available to exchange, ChangeNOW is aiming to provide anyone in the world with their desired currency.

Where most exchanges require as much personal information as possible, ChangeNOW has no interest in any of your personal documents. The focus remains on what they do best; exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. With over 200 currencies available to exchange, ChangeNOW is aiming to provide anyone in the world with their desired currency.

On the service, any person simply chooses the currency they currently have in their possession together with the amount and the desired currency to be exchanged. The mechanism behind the exchange will then automatically search for the best possible price on the top exchanges depending on the chosen currency, and perform the transaction.

The transacted funds never ever are in possession of the ChangeNOW exchange, they are simply replaced within your wallet by another currency. This rhymes perfectly with the belief of ChangeNOW to make these exchanges as secure and unknown as possible. No middleman involved and purely decentralized as it gets.

The company started back in September of 2017 together with the Bitcoin fork now known as Bitcoin Gold. As one of the first services to offer the exchange of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for a wide variety of other currencies, ChangeNOW spared the interest of many.

Within a single day, over one million dollars in funds was transferred through the service and ChangeNOW had successfully entered the cryptocurrency market. Simultaneously, the development of the product and company behind the exchange started taking off and new ventures of the business started being explored.

The NOW token was issued as an ERC-20 token a couple months after the initial launch of the exchange functioning as a utility token on the platform. With the overall market sentiment dimming down and slowly turning more negative, the developments for ChangeNOW started flourishing all through 2018. After the introduction of several developer tools such as functioning APIs and integration mechanism for wallets and third-party websites, the affiliate program was launched.

A possibility for anyone to receive a commission for bringing new users onto the ChangeNow platform with the use of Widgets, Buttons and API Libraries. New coins were added on a regular basis, strong partnerships with exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex were formed but in the year of 2019, ChangeNOW started to become more than just another exchange. In April 2019 ChangeNOW announced the launch of several new products;

The Asset Listing Program

A service that brings value to the NOW token, functioning as the utility token behind the entire ChangeNOW ecosystem, and to the community behind multiple projects seeking for new exchanges to be listed on. Listing fees can be enormous for the major centralized exchanges that have the most volume, but ChangeNOW believes this can be done in another way. Simply request your token to be listed on the Asset Listing page, incentivize your community to collaboratively donate 15,000 NOW and secure your token to be listed on the ChangeNOW exchanges within a matter of weeks. Easy as it gets

ChangeNOW Token Swap

Nine out of ten projects start out on top of other major blockchains to later on move on to their own Blockchain, the official mainnet. These swaps between Blockchain can be a dreadful and time-consuming period of intense programming and satisfying your community. With the Token Swap system designed by ChangeNOW, a custom workflow is designed specially for the project leaving the project and your community members to do nothing more than exchanging their tokens. No long periods of waiting, simply swapping tokens from one chain to another with a few mouseclicks.


To achieve the mass-adoption of cryptocurrency, people should not only use it as a store of value but as a form of payment as well. With NOWPayments, any (online) merchant can start accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies in their stores.

The integration is done with a simple API, an integration for WooCommerce of WHMCS or by integrating a donation widget/button onto your site. More than 30 currencies are currently being accepted and the beauty of it, there are no fees charged at all.


An essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, (master)nodes function as a way of validating transactions and confirming blocks on multiple blockchains. Nowadays, hundreds of different projects allow the possibility to run a node on their blockchain. Although, usually the costs of setting up a node are pretty high.

By collaboratively running the node on the NOWNodes system, these costs are cut up in smaller portions making it possible for anyone to run a node and start earning passive income. Fast and reliable servers made accessible for anyone to connect to.

Lightning Now

Talking about nodes, the LightningNOW service is a zero-fee Public Lightning node for anyone to connect to in order to utilize the Bitcoin Lightning network. The problems that the main blockchain network currently occurs of high fees, slow transactions and low-scalability are history with the Lightning Network. In order for more people to start enjoying these benefits, ChangeNOW is offering a fee-less inbound and outbound channel for people to utilize. 

ChangeNOW is truly aiming at the mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology as a whole. With the introduction of several products that are being created in the most decentralized manner possible, ChangeNOW is striving to be on the forefront of this adoption. The goal here is to provide services that are as easy to use as the more centralized alternatives that the masses are currently using.

The future for ChangeNOW is looking to be even more dynamic and widespread than it is today. The services offered are being optimized every single day and the search for new services is ongoing. As a core product of this ecosystem, the NOW token is soon introduced to several new usages to put the token into real use other than the current options.

With a rapidly growing ecosystem that’s surrounding the token, limited in its total supply, the NOW token will play a bigger and more important role in our mission towards the mass-adoption of the technology we all love.

Together we can bring cryptocurrency and decentralized applications to the masses, so join the revolution today and see what ChangeNOW can do for you.

Reach out to our support – support@changenow.io, our CCO, Pauline – Pauline@changenow.io, or our business development manager Roxanne – Roxanne@changenow.io

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