ChangeNOW Statement on the Upcoming Ethereum Merge

Ethereum is awaiting the Merge – a transition from the Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of Stake consensus algorithm.

The network is currently at the last stages of the update; the final event is scheduled to happen around 13-19 of September 2022.

ChangeNOW Statement on the Upcoming Ethereum Merge

After the Merge all transactions in ETH will be confirmed by the ETH stakers instead of miners. The working principles of the second-largest crypto will change drastically – but it is believed that the shift will not influence common crypto users. ChangeNOW wants to make sure the transition goes smoothly for ETH holders who want to make transactions around the Merge dates, and that’s how we plan to do it.

  • ChangeNOW is closely monitoring all activity surrounding the upcoming ETH PoS shift. We are technically and operationally ready to execute ETH transactions as long as the network allows us to do so.
  • The ChangeNOW exchange will not be the only one prepared – the whole NOW ecosystem including NOW Wallet, NOWPayments, and NOWNodes will perform sustainable service as ETH PoS goes live.

Also, some of the PoW ETH proponents are rooting for a full-on Ethereum fork. It means that after the Merge there is a possibility that a Proof-of-Work version of the Ethereum blockchain will keep functioning. The new token has been dubbed ETHW; in case the fork happens, ChangeNOW will support ETHW and make it available for exchange. Speaking of ETH forks – we fully support and operate ETC and will continue doing so after the Merge.

Stay tuned for more news on the ETH Merge!


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