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ChangeNOW And Infinito Wallet: Partnership Announcement!

ChangeNOW, one of the top non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges, and Infinito Wallet, a leading mobile multi-cryptocurrency wallet company, are now collaborating. We are excited to have such a partner sharing our hard work experience and perspective!

Infinito Wallet provides a superior experience of managing your crypto funds. It combines exceptional features like optimizable transaction speed, fiat gateway, and price tracing, with top security management and great community reviews. Infinito is available both for Android and iOS.

ChangeNOW is proud to be recognised as a partner by a company of such high standards!

As a cherry on top, we are glad to announce that ChangeNOW and Infinito Wallet are in the process of being fully integrated! When it is complete, Infinito’s customers will be able to perform instant swaps in their wallets powered by ChangeNOW. Stay tuned to know when it’s happened!