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ChangeNOW and FET: The Game-Changing Collaboration You Need to Know About

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between ChangeNOW and Fetch.AI (FET) that empowers developers to harness the benefits of AI-based tokens.

As a leading instant cryptocurrency exchange platform, ChangeNOW is dedicated to providing developers with access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies for seamless swapping through the Exchange API, and the inclusion of Fetch.AI is a significant step forward. With ChangeNOW, users can swap crypto without the need for an account or the hassle of a lengthy verification process, and developers can integrate Exchange API, unlocking a world of possibilities in the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

So, what is Fetch.AI, and why is FET such a game-changer? Let's take a quick dive into the world of Fetch.AI and explore the potential behind this revolutionary token.

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An Overview of Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI provides a tokenized decentralized network in combination with a suite of frameworks, protocols, developer tools, and open-source code repositories that give developers and enterprises the tools and infrastructure they need to create their agent-based systems or collectively train AI models.

The Fetch.AI token (FET) is an essential component of the platform, as it is used to secure the network as part of Fetch.ai's proof-of-stake consensus as well as to govern the network. Additionally FET is used as part of the "search and discovery" process for agent-to-agent interaction.

Key Features of Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI boasts several innovative features that set it apart from other blockchain platforms. These include:

  1. Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs): Fetch.AI allows developers to build and utilize Autonomous economic agents that can perform tasks on behalf of humans, organizations, or machines. These agents are capable of learning, predicting, and acting independently, making them valuable tools for automating complex processes and reinventing business models. Currently developers can either use the AEA Framework or the Microagent framework to easily create,deploy and integrate agents into existing dapps, products or enterprise solutions.

  2. Agentverse Sandbox: The Fetch.AI Agentverse is a sandbox environment where users can experiment with agent technology, discover other agents, and utilize messaging and hosting features. This sandbox allows developers to test and fine-tune their agents before deploying them on the live network.

  3. Smart wallet: The Fetch.AI browser extension wallet offers unique features such as in-wallet notifications,end-to-end encrypted chatting including group chats. Importantly it’s the first smart wallet due to its integration with the gpt3.5 model. The integration is realized through an agent and makes it possible to prompt the model within the wallet itself whilst ensuring the wallet’s security.

  4. A plethora of python-based developer tools: Fetch.AI provides a plethora of useful developer tools such as: CosmPy, Jensis, and a data indexer all of which facilitate the decentralized application development process. CosmPy is a Python library for interacting with Cosmos-based blockchains. Jenesis is a command line tool for rapid contract and service development for the Fetch.ai blockchain ecosystem and other CosmWasm-enabled blockchains. The data indexer allows fast on-chain data indexing and tracking of queried entities allowing developers to efficiently work with on-chain data.

  5. CoLearn: Collective learning is an innovative approach to training machine learning models that prioritizes privacy and data security. The collective learning library built by Fetch.ai allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate and contribute their individual datasets without compromising any sensitive information or personally identifiable data. Through this collaborative effort, a machine learning model is trained over a series of rounds, harnessing the combined knowledge of diverse organizations.

Exploring the Digital World

Developers looking to integrate the latest technology into their projects can now take advantage of ChangeNOW's API integration with FET. By leveraging the power of FET tokens, developers can access agent-based utilities, create, deploy and integrate autonomous agents, as well as deploy collective learning-based models mediated by the network. With Fetch.AI, developers can unlock a new era of possibilities, where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology intersect to create a smarter and more efficient world.

The integration of ChangeNOW's API with FET not only provides developers with access to cutting-edge technology but also a secure and easy way to acquire FET tokens. With the Fetch.AI ecosystem, developers can explore innovative solutions that can help solve real-world problems, including supply chain management, mobility, and energy efficiency. By leveraging the power of FET and Fetch.AI, developers can build and implement solutions that can transform industries and improve people's lives.


In conclusion, the listing of FET on ChangeNOW marks a significant milestone in the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Fetch.AI's revolutionary platform, coupled with ChangeNOW's accessible API, empowers developers to create and deploy autonomous digital twins on the Fetch.AI network. By leveraging the benefits of Fetch.AI and FET, developers can shape the future of automation, collaboration, and value exchange in the digital realm.

Explore the world of Fetch.AI with ChangeNOW! Integrate FET into your projects NOW!

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