Make Up To 0.5 BTC a Month with ChangeNOW Ambassador Program!

Hey, friend! If you enjoy using ChangeNOW and feel like giving us a shout out, we have a deal for you! We’re opening our Ambassador program so that you could make up to 0.5 BTC a month from telling your friends and communities about what we do ?

This includes promoting ChangeNOW and informing people about our features and products on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Quora, Medium, YouTube, Publish0x, and others).

What do I get from this?

  • We’ll feature you on our social media;
  • You’ll get rewards in BTC;
  • You can earn more BTC by sharing your personal referral link!

OK! What are the requirements?

  • You have a good command of English or any other popular language (if you blog in your native language),
  • You are a ChangeNOW user with basic knowledge of our main features and products.

Cool! What am I supposed to do?

Here are two options of how you can participate:

ChangeNOW Soldier

  • You may choose any of these platforms to promote ChangeNOW on: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Quora, and various blogs.
  • Promotion includes:
    • Liking and sharing our posts;
    • Mentioning ChangeNOW in discussions;
    • Having the “ChangeNOW Soldier” status in your description & avatar ?
    • Making blog posts about ChangeNOW;
    • Making YouTube videos about ChangeNOW;
    • Contact us to get more detailed instructions regarding each social media ?

ChangeNOW Ambassador

Special Requirement: Over 1,000 subscribers or followers on one social media account

  • You may choose any of these platforms to promote ChangeNOW on: Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Medium, and Telegram Community Chats.
  • Promotion includes:
    • Making & posting content about ChangeNOW,
    • Mentioning ChangeNOW in your personal content,
    • Sharing key ChangeNOW announcements,
    • Making blog posts about ChangeNOW;
    • You can get creative – any content works here!

Sounds great! How do I start?

Fill in the form and attach your CV – and we’ll reach out to you shortly with all the further details.

Thank you and good luck!