Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day: A Slice of Crypto History

Who bought pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins? Learn more about Bitcoin Pizza Day with ChangeNOW!

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Hey there, crypto enthusiasts! Grab a slice and get cozy because we're about to dive into one of the tastiest stories in the world of cryptocurrency—Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Every year on May 22nd, the crypto community comes together to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. But what makes this day so special? Let's travel back to 2010, when Bitcoin was still a young and budding idea, and one man decided to use it to satisfy his pizza cravings.


Meet Laszlo Hanyecz, the hero of our story, who made history with a pepperoni pizza (or two). On May 22, 2010, Laszlo was the first person to make a real-world transaction using Bitcoin. He paid 10,000 BTC — yes, you read that right — for two large pizzas. At the time, 10,000 BTC was worth about $41. Today, that amount of Bitcoin would be worth millions! Talk about a pricey pizza party! There is an X page that provides daily updates on the current value of these two pizzas in today's Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin Pizza Day is not just about celebrating a quirky moment in crypto history—it's a day to reflect on the incredible journey of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency world. It's a reminder of the early adopters' belief in the technology and how something as simple as a pizza transaction paved the way for countless other real-world applications.

So, how do we celebrate this cheesy holiday? Well, many crypto enthusiasts honor the day by, you guessed it, ordering pizza! Some even pay with Bitcoin, embracing the spirit of the original transaction. It's a fun and tasty way to acknowledge the growth of the cryptocurrency community and to remember that big things can start with small, humble beginnings.

Bon appétit and happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

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