How to Buy Bitcoins Instantly and Safely

In 2017, Bitcoin thundered to the entire planet when its price soared to almost $ 20,000. In 2018, the cost of the world's main cryptocurrency has significantly decreased, but experts are confident that after a while BTC will rise again, much more seriously than it was in 2017. This means that it's time to invest in cryptocurrency, and it should be bought now when it is cheap. Welcome to this short guide on how to buy bitcoins instantly and safely from ChangeNOW, a leading instant crypto exchange service.

However, if you are just starting to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to know how to buy bitcoin in the USA and other countries all over the world. There is a serious risk of running into scams, and therefore you need to be vigilant. In addition, before acquiring the amount of cryptocoins you should register a wallet to store them. There are many services, but among them, there are also fraudulent ones. Let's talk in more detail about how to buy bitcoin instantly and safely.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet

There are so many Bitcoin wallets, literally, dozens of them. However, not each one is suitable specifically for your case. First, the wallets are divided according to the method of storing the cryptocurrency. According to this indicator, there are 4 main types of wallets.

Types of Bitcoin wallets:

  1. Online Bitcoin wallets. Such services are used to store bitcoin in the cloud. No need to download and install anything, just go through the registration process on the service.
  2. Desktop wallets for PC. These are the programs designed to be installed on a computer. As a rule, they occupy a lot of space, but the protection of coins is still higher than in online services.
  3. Mobile wallets. The principle is the same as that of the wallets for PC. You download the app in the Play Market or App Store, install it on your smartphone, and bitcoins are always at hand. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as those of the desktop wallets. However, there is an additional advantage in contactless payment from your smartphone, if you come to the point where they accept BTC.
  4. Bitcoin hardware wallets. They are special devices designed only for cryptocurrency storage. They look like a little flash drive. The most popular one is Ledger Nano 5. Pros: compactness and the possibility of contactless payment. Cons: easy to lose, and impossible to recover.

Also, there are Bitcoin paper wallets - they mean that you store your keys on a piece of paper. Actually, it’s the safest way to store any cryptocurrency, but it’s suitable only for real crypto professionals, otherwise, you risk to lose your money, having forgotten where that paper is.

On the Internet, you will find hundreds of wallets for different devices. However, regardless of the type of storage, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of some characteristics that will make the use of the wallet more convenient and secure. Among them are:

  • Two-factor authentication;
  • The possibility of logging in with the SMS password;
  • Multiplatform;
  • User-friendly interface and sufficient functionality. Some crypto wallets don’t pay attention to the interface at all, and the control is carried out through the command line.

As for the registration of a bitcoin wallet, it is almost the same in most services. The only difference is that sometimes you need to download the storage to your computer or smartphone, and sometimes you can just create a Bitcoin wallet online. Let's consider the process of creating a bitcoin wallet with an example of

How to create Bitcoin wallet online

  1. Enter the website and select the “Wallet" tab;
  2. Select “Create a free bitcoin wallet”;
  3. You will see a window with the requirement to enter your E-mail, password and confirm the password;
  4. In just 30 seconds, the site will generate a personal wallet number, and you will have access to the storage;
  5. An activation letter will be sent to the E-mail specified during registration. Open the E-mail and click on the “Verify E-mail” button. Also, under the button, you will find a file with the keys to restore the wallet. allows you to create a bitcoin wallet with three-level authentication. You only need to enable this feature in the “Security Center”.

How to buy Bitcoins

So, you have registered a bitcoin wallet. Now let's see how to buy Bitcoin online. Please note that there are many fraudulent services on the Internet that can deceive you! Therefore, be careful when purchasing the cryptocurrency.

Three main ways to buy bitcoin

  • Cryptocurrency exchangers. On the Internet, there are hundreds of services that allow you to purchase the world's main cryptocurrency. The main advantage is speed. The exchange usually takes about half an hour, due to long transactions in the system. This is how you can buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card, Visa, Mastercard, as well as online wallets and payment systems. The proven exchangers are ChangeNOW, InDaCoin, Coinmama, Cardbit.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the most reliable, but rather slow way. First, you need to register on the exchange, then replenish the account with a card or cash through the terminal, then place a purchase order. When there is someone willing to sell you BTC, he will make a transfer to your account on the exchange, and you will send him money. The most reliable crypto-exchanges are Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, OKEx, Cryptopia, and others.
  • Terminals. In 2017-2018, the world got several tens of thousands of cryptomats that work in most countries of the world. With the help of the devices, you can buy BTC both for cash and by using non-cash payments.

In addition, it is possible to get bitcoins using gift cards and certificates. They are issued by some of the cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers. Buy a card, go to the site and enter the code specified on the certificate in a special section. After some time, your account will be credited with a certain amount of BTC.

How to buy Bitcoins on Blockchain safely?

Remember, you should not make buy Bitcoin on the first available service in Google in any case. Purchase carefully and with caution. There are several factors to consider when choosing a service to purchase. Let us talk about them in more detail.

  • Rate. A too low exchange rate is unprofitable for you. A too high rate should make you wary. Usually, the rate is overestimated at fraudulent sites. It’s better to buy BTC approximately at the same rate which is offered by the world's leading exchanges.
  • Reputation. This is the key point when choosing a site. You should work only with proven, well-known services, which have a sufficient number of reviews and an ideal reputation.
  • The presence of a reserve. Any exchange service must have a reserve in cryptocurrencies and fiat money. In this case, you can be sure that in case of active demand for the exchange, you are guaranteed to get your money or coins.
  • The speed of the support service. It should promptly respond to any appeals. There are cases when the transaction freezes, and the reaction rate of the technical support should be immediate.

Always pay attention to these factors. Take the trouble to look for reviews about the exchanger or exchange on independent resources before buying bitcoins. For example, the ChangeNOW exchanger has a profile at TrustPilot. Also, be sure to analyze several sites. If your chosen exchanger will meet all these requirements, no problems with the purchase will arise.

How to withdraw bitcoins after the purchase?

If you want to sell bitcoins, you can do it in the same ways as you buy BTC. The most popular options for converting BTC to fiat currency are cryptocurrency exchanges. You may have to spend some time waiting, but you can be sure that the conversion will take place and the money will be withdrawn.

Also, you can use the services of an exchanger. As a rule, such services offer direct withdrawal to a debit or credit card, or to a virtual wallet in the payment system. In addition, some payment systems provide direct conversion of BTC to USD. For example, Advcash and Payeer. With their help, you can both withdraw Bitcoin to a bank card and make online payments. At the ChangeNOW exchanger, you can sell Bitcoin for any other cryptocurrency available in the list.

It is also possible to withdraw via Localbitcoins. The principle here is the same as on the stock exchange. The exchange is made between people, the site acts as the guarantor of the transaction.

Hope you've enjoyed this article on how how to buy bitcoins instantly and safely from ChangeNOW! Stay tuned for more tutorials, guides, and price predictions on ChangeNOW's blog!

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