BitTorrent Price Prediction 2020

BitTorrent coin is a cryptocurrency that enables the BitTorrent network to widen its range of capacities. 

Having been created just this February, ‘Bittorrent Reddit’ has already become one of the top searching words on Google. 

BitTorrent news is not unambiguous. Firstly Bittorrent mining raised enthusiasm and became a trend. Later on, it was criticized by the experts, which subverted the user’s trust.

ChangeNOW presents an overview of Bittorrent blockchain and sums up price predictions from the most trusted agencies.

BitTorrent Price Prediction 2020

What is the characteristic of  BitTorrent token (BTT)?

BitTorrent coin (BTT) is a cryptographic token developed as an extension of the original BitTorrent protocol. The BTT coin cryptocurrency platform is designed to provide the protocol with more diverse functions. For example, the BitTorrent development team is committed to making the platform suitable for third-party application developers, currency exchange, and both secure and fast decentralized data storage.

The BTT token cannot be mined. In general, the platform does not require additional stimulation of computing power outside the usual file exchange for BitTorrent.

BitTorrent (BTT) price prediction 2019

BTT was issued in the amount of 990 billion coins. Coins were distributed among the following participants:

  • BitTorrent, Inc.,

  • TRX Token Holders

  • Early investors

  • Tron and BitTorrent Funds.

Since its launch in February, Bittorrent price chart looked as follows:

BitTorrent Price Prediction 2020

Current Bittorrent price (as for the 29th of November) is $0.00032475 with a 24-hour trading volume of $93,754,961. As we can see, this rate is at the initial level, which gives an optimistic perspective.

What Does BTT Price Depend On?

To venture into Bittorrent price prediction today one needs to analyze the characteristics on which the token price is based on. 

BitTorrent long term price prediction depends on the following key factors:

1. The attention of the media

2. BitTorrent brand

3. BitTorrent Token listing on Binance

4. The support by Justin Sun, a leading influencer in the industry.

The media spotlight on the coin always produces a comprehensive and positive impression. Bittorent activities since provided one of the first widely adopted peer-to-peer technologies that strongly influenced the whole world of cryptocurrency and content distribution markets. Binance, the top-1 crypto exchange in terms of daily trading volume, made positive reviews on the coin. The same was done by Justin Sun, the respected figure in the field. 

More than that, peer-to-peer networking was used in a way that allows natural business evolution. 

BitTorrent Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025 

How much will BTT cost in 2020? We believe that the crypto will show a certain growth. The skeptical arguments will not stop the popularization of the coin. Although one should not overestimate the growth factors, just because there is no endless growth.

The Wallet Investor website used technical analysis and offered BitTorrent coin price analysis different on what it stated before. The price of BitTorrent may drop from 0.000330 USD to 0.000135 USD, it says. The change will be -58.965%.

Digitalcoinprice is much more optimistic about BTT price forecast stating that by the end of 2020, the coin will rise and reach $0.0016 USD. They recommend the token as a profitable investment

Cryptoinfobase says that in 2020 and later, the price movements will be determined by the marketing constituent of the project. Though this is rather obscure, the logic is easily understandable.

Where to Buy BitTorrent

There are enough variants of where to buy BitTorrent. 

It could be done on any Bittorrent exchange, e.g., Baksman

Binance is another good variant, taking into account the good reputation of the token on the platform. There BTT token can be exchanged for any stablecoin (USDT, BTC, PAX, BNB)

*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. The information presented in this article should not be considered as any sort of investing advice and the reader should do their own research before taking any actions.

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