Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price prediction

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) a cryptocurrency forked from the native Bitcoin and came to the crypto world at the end of 2017 when it was booming. Since then till today, many things have changed in the crypto world, so what is Bitcoin Gold worth in 2020? And how to buy BTG coins? To find out the answer, let's head into a quick review of bitcoin gold, then see what exchanges support bitcoin gold, and discover BTG predictions for the seeable future.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) a cryptocurrency forked from the native Bitcoin and came to the crypto world at the end of 2017 when it was booming. Since then till today, many things have changed in the crypto world, so what is Bitcoin Gold worth in 2020? And how to buy BTG coins? To find out the answer, let's head into a quick review of bitcoin gold, then see what exchanges support bitcoin gold, and discover BTG predictions for the seeable future.

What is BTG?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), a coin created on 24 October 2017 as a result of the BTC BTG fork, which was one of the most significant events for the crypto industry as stated in our previous blog post “5 Hard Forks You Need to Know ”. BTG started as a community-led project that aims to make Bitcoin decentralized again, yet bitcoin already decentralized which might seem counterintuitive. However, it is all about the mining process, something had to be done when some of the crypto community led by Jack Liao, who was CEO of a mining company called Lightning ASIC, felt that a small group controlled the Bitcoin mining process. The developers of Bitcoin Gold believed that by developing a new mining algorithm called "EquiHash", the foremost cryptocurrency wouldn’t disproportionately prefer major mining processes. While both Bitcoin Gold and native Bitcoin are using the same Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, the main difference between Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin is; BTG uses the Equilash hash algorithm instead of SHA 256 that is used by BTC, in order to more proportionately mining operations. Bitcoin Gold wanted to get regular BTC miners back in the space and allow anyone to be part of the mining process when regular Bitcoin resources and mining costs had become too high.

Bitcoin Gold Key Features

BTG coin is mined with common GPUs instead of specialty ASICs that tend to corner the mining to a small number of players, while GPU mining provides anyone with the opportunity to mine the cryptocurrency. This, in turn, would significantly increase in the range of users who can mine Bitcoin Gold, decrease large entities' influence on BTG, and stable prospects for BTG; which ultimately lead to enhancing the decentralization and independence in the cryptocurrency. Since its inception, the BTG gold coin has gained investors' confidence due to highlighting the decentralized nature of the bitcoin protocol. The algorithm of ASIC-resistant in addition to the robust proof-of-work mechanism are other perks to the allure of BTG when comparing Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin. Moreover, the team behind BTG has set the daily payment system in focus, which is another attractive side of the cryptocurrency.

Different ways to buy BTG

If you wish to buy Bitcoin Gold coins, you have several options to do so. The easiest and fast ones are:

Buy BTG with Crypto exchanges

Crypto exchange platforms allow you to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency assets for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. This approach is not only for BTG buy purposes, but also it is the right place for you if you are wondering about where to exchange Bitcoin Gold or where to sell Bitcoin Gold as well. To buy or trade BTG with an exchange platform you first need to deposit some BTC on your wallet then exchange the amount you want with BTG coins and you can also exchange BTG to BTC on the exchange platform. However, some exchange platforms offer you to buy some crypto-assets with credit cards such as Coinbase, Bitpanda, and Binance. But this method has some restrictions as some exchanges are limited to some regions or countries and require investors to go through the verification process, which limits the participation of those who don't have an international passport or don't belong to the supported regions. For example, you can use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin Gold in Australia, but can't buy Bitcoin Gold in India with it. However, the next section provides another way to buy BTG no matter where you are. Now, to buy BTG with a crypto exchange, make sure that you have chosen a platform where is Bitcoin Gold trading available, you can find all the exchange platforms that support BTG trading by going to the Bitcoin Gold stock symbol (BTG) on Coinmarketcap. Today, BTG is available on many crypto exchanges, but it should be noted that most of them allow you to only buy/sell Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. The most popular exchange platforms that provide Bitcoin Gold trading are Bitfinex, Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, HitBTC, Coinegg, Bit-Z, etc.

Buy BTG with Credit Cards or Other Payment Methods

Buying crypto assets with cryptocurrency exchange services is a more simple and user-friendly approach from Crypto Exchanges as these services are fundamentally focused to make crypto easy to access. When looking for buying BTG coins or other cryptocurrency assets with credit cards or more payment methods, then your best choice is a ChangeNOW exchange service that supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat with several purchase options swiftly and safely with minimal authentication procedures. You can buy BTG coins instantly with the ChangeNOW instant exchange service that provides you a fast, secure, and simple way to buy over 170 cryptocurrencies. The service does not ask for any paperwork or registration accounts, and it provides the best rate available at the market.

###A Guide How to Buy BTG on ChangeNOW

Step 1. From the ChangeNOW home page, select a currency and enter the amount you wish to deposit. The service will automatically calculate the amount of BTG you will get. Then click on the Buy button. With the current example, buying Bitcoin Gold (BTG) for 1,000 USD via Credit Card. Step 2. Enter your BTG address (where you would like to receive your coins). Step 3. Double-check your information, then click Confirm. Step 4. After you have confirmed the transaction, complete the purchasing process and you will receive your tokens immediately.

BTG Price Prediction

Currently, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) rank is amongst top-40 cryptocurrency according to the Coinmarketcap Bitcoin Gold rate, and the coin is trading around $9.7 with a $197.2 million market cap and 17,513,924 BTG coin currently in circulation. The BTG price chart below shows how BTG has performed since the beginning of 2020.

Bitcoin Gold 2020 Predictions

From the widespread Bitcoin Gold BTG price predictions on the internet, we thoughtfully picked up some experts thoughts on how high can Bitcoin Gold go in 2020 and beyond, which were as follows:

  • Wallet Investor The BTG Wallet Investor prediction for 2020 seems too conservative, as they mentioned that BTG might fall down to $3.87.

  • TradingBeasts A prediction Bitcoin Gold price from the popular crypto forecasts sets $13.47 as a BTG price by the end of 2020

  • Crypto Ground. In their Bitcoin Gold prediction, Crypto Ground experts refer that Bitcoin Gold might reach $16.7937 at the end of 2020.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2021 - 2025

Within five years, Bitcoin Gold might achieve their ambition and confidence projects according to the BTG roadmap, such as BTCPay Integration of the BTG Lightning Network, Schnorr Signatures, and the BTG Plasma Specification project which is held with high standards. That's mean; there is one thing common in the Bitcoin Gold forecasts for the long-term, they all positive as follow:

  • TradingBeasts (2021 - 2023) BTG TradingBeasts predictions refer that BTG might surge up to $19.10 by the end of 2021 and they set $27.49 for the BTG gold stock price by 2023.

  • Crypto Ground (2025) Crypto Ground experts believe that Bitcoin Gold stock price could reach $401.14 in 5 years.

  • Long Forecast (2023) Long Forecast has given a detailed prediction of Bitcoin Gold where they have predicted that by 2023 end, Bitcoin Gold might reach somewhere close to $21.

  • Digital Coin Price (2025) Digital Coin Price is a prediction site that has predicted that Bitcoin Gold might surge high up to $43.44 by 2025.

Conclusion: Should You Invest in Bitcoin Gold?

The community and developers behind Bitcoin Gold believe that the cryptocurrency has to not only be fast with some features but also has to be essentially secure and decentralized. They seek to build an open and collaborative world and their roadmap shows some development plans that are in progress for the Bitcoin Gold project. These plans might push BTG to grow and expand. However, the prediction of a cryptocurrency future price is almost like predicting which way the wind will blow next week—but some experts have a way to do it. We hope this guide puts you on the track to know-how to buy BTG and decide the right time to do so. Disclaimer: This article reflects its author’s opinion only and is not financial advice. We take no responsibility for the results of any trader’s decision or action. To learn more about BTG please visit the following Bitcoin Gold Review in our blog.

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