Best Zcash Coin Wallets

Nowadays we live in the rapidly developing era of computers and cyber technologies when it is significant to keep all your private accounts and belongings in a highly secured place. Cryptocurrencies need well-protected storage too, but choosing a wallet can be sometimes quite time-consuming. If you look up ‘wallets for Zcash coin’ in Google, you will for sure get confused because of the sparkling diversity. We suggest our own list of the best Zcash wallets for your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can also buy and exchange Zcash coin on our website.

Tips for Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

As long as the cryptocurrency world keeps on elaborating, the kinds of wallets to store your coins continue to develop too. Today a crypto user can choose from desktop hardware, mobile and internet wallets for keeping Zcash safe and sound. The main criteria to follow when choosing a wallet are private keys and security features, the possibility of backup, GUI simplicity and customer support.  


Best Zcash Coin Wallets

Trezor hardware wallet supporting Zcash coin acts like a typical USB device and uses the technology called the ‘Zero Trust Approach’.  The device is protected by a secure PIN, and there’s a recovery seed feature allowing a user to protect the wallet in case of unprecedented cases. It is important to mention that the device doesn’t operate when it’s disconnected, so as to limit any efforts to hack the wallet.

You can purchase Trezor wallet here.

Zcash Client

Best Zcash Coin Wallets

Zcash Client is an official Zcash wallet app which is a good choice for those well-acquainted with the coin. The client gives you an opportunity to send funds to private Zcash addresses which is a quite distinctive feature for official desktop wallets.

You can download Zcash Client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux here.


Best Zcash Coin Wallets

This ZEC wallet is suitable for users who prefer mobility and simplicity. It is easy to keep your Zcash coins in the Cryptonator wallet along with other 18 cryptocurrencies like Dash, Bitcoin, and Swing. This wallet also makes your life much easier by providing an exchange platform for all the 19 cryptocurrencies so there’s no need to use services as Poloniex and Coinbase if you have this Zcash wallet.

You can download Cryptonator wallet here.


Best Zcash Coin Wallets

Jaxx is rather famous for its simple interface and GUI simplicity for Windows, OS X, and Linux users. There are more than 10 cryptocurrencies supported and a high-level of security which is provided by a 12-word master seed. Although Jaxx is a mobile and desktop wallet, crypto holders can enjoy a browser extension as a friendly bonus. But make sure that this extension is only applicable for Chrome, so Explorer and Firefox users should consider other options for storing Zcash coins.

You can download Jaxx wallet here.

Ledger Nano S

Best Zcash Coin Wallets

Ledger Nano S is a perfect choice for those hunting high security and privacy. This hardware Zcash wallet is small and portable featuring a built-in OLED display which makes it easy to manually verify transactions. However, you should take into account that this wallet is quite expensive, and its price these days can reach up to $100.

You can buy Ledger Nano S here.

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