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Theta is a blockchain-based and decentralized Content Delivery Network (CDN),that allows for independently hosted nodes to contribute to its growing network.

Theta is a blockchain-based and decentralized Content Delivery Network (CDN). Theta's design allows for independently hosted nodes to contribute to its growing network, which can deliver video content to consumers in a decentralized fashion as opposed to relying on a single service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud. 

One of the best ways to store THETA Coins is NOW Wallet. We designed this lightweight mobile wallet so you can enjoy secure crypto storage in an intuitive interface. The wallet is available for Android and iOS devices and allows you to access your crypto 24/7. You can buy THETA Coins with other cryptocurrency or fiat money right in the app.

In NOW Wallet, you can store THETA Coins crypto together with 550+ other digital assets. We constantly increase the number of available coins and improve the wallet in general by adding new features such as staking, NFT storage, and many others.

THETA Features

In theory, Theta’s node-based design can decrease CDN costs, which can be a large business cost for companies such as Netflix or one of the other many video streaming platforms. Theta's design allows for anyone to become an independent node, which provides an opportunity to take advantage of unused bandwidth as a potential source of income, since Theta nodes can earn rewards, such as TFUEL, a crypto gained by sharing your bandwidth to help host

Theta, according to its website, has already grown to over 30,000 nodes. Theta features different kinds of nodes, such as validator or guardian nodes. To become a validating node, you need to stake one million Theta. To become a guardian node, you need to stake a minimum of one thousand Theta. Users who don't have the minimum Theta to become a node can participate in pools, not dissimilar from mining pools for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Nodes are able to work with one another as a team, and can perform tasks such as pulling streams from peers that can serve as caching nodes in the greater Theta network. In order to become a node and receive Theta while doing so, one requires a minimum internet speed of 5Mbps for both uploading and downloading, a CPU with four or more cores, and at least eight gigabytes of RAM. 

The Theta ecosystem will be offering a decentralized video content service to individuals that are using the Theta network.  With a decentralized Content Delivery Service, your favorite video creator or influencer would have the freedom to post content without fear of becoming unjustly banned for falling for a harmless prank as has happened to famous Twitch streamers in the past when they simply opened the wrong picture while streaming live. 

On the other hand, the lack of accountability leads to some concern as Theta’s users can enjoy unbridled free speech and share potentially nefarious videos using its bandwidth.  How the creators of Theta coin and its users navigate these uncertain waters will likely be an important factor in the ultimate success of Theta, as the wrong kind of content being spread could rapidly cause users to want to distance themselves from whatever holdings they may have in their Theta Crypto Wallet.  Overall, the team behind Theta seems to be aware of the implications and plans to be ahead of the curve when, or if, such a time comes.  

That said, Theta coin has proven to evoke great interest among investors, as at the time of writing its market cap is close to $6.5 billion. If you decide to invest in Theta, it is important to store it in a wallet that meets your personal needs and has a high level of security.

Best Wallets to Store Theta

Guarda Wallet

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One great way to mobilly hold your theta wallet is with Guarda Wallet. Available via mobile, desktop, Chrome Extension, and web this wallet is able to support a multitude of currencies. Famous examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many more.  One significant advantage of Guarda Wallet is its simplicity of use. The security features, while advanced, are intuitive enough for the standard user.  

Next, Guarda Wallet has an advanced security feature in which it does not share a users’ private data with another user.  Overall, the exchanges and transfers of funds with Guarda wallet technology is easier than with most other wallets. Key advantages of using Guarda include but are not limited to the fact that it supports a wide range of crypto tokens, it is easy to manage, and it is a non-custodial wallet.

Trezor Wallet

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Trezor, a hardware based option to store your wallet, remains a popular choice among many cryptocurrency users despite what coins or tokens they choose to invest in. This is because a physical wallet, as opposed to a software based wallet, such as most of the others in this list, can offer unparalleled security features. Trezor takes security and anonymity so seriously, it is even baked into the way they package and sell their product. According to the creators of Trezor Wallet, “SatoshiLabs does not track any of its devices so the device and all of its hardware is never connected to the user and completely interchangeable.”  While physical wallets are often one of the most (if not the single most) secure way to protect your Theta Tokens or other crypto, it is vitally important you do not lose the device containing your valuable cryptocurrency.  

Key advantages of Trezor include its near unparalleled level of security and how easy it is to navigate and use. Hardware wallets are a great option if a high level of security is important to you. This is a very high level of security as some Theta wallets simply require a password to get in or a biometric fingerprint.  Both of these methods proved to be insecure if the hacker is dedicated enough.

MetaMask Wallet

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Yet another option for storing Theta is to use MetaMask, a free application available for both mobile devices and laptops.  MetaMask will require you to transfer in Ethereum tokens, which you will then be able to transact for Theta tokens.  To learn more and possibly download MetMask, consider visiting its official website.

Metamask allows you to use biometric identifying information to open up your wallet which is convenient but can also pose a risk.  This is because someone could open up your wallet in your sleep or against your will, or as proven in MythBusters, simply copy it from a CD they got you to grab.  Some advantages of MetaMask while not entirely unique to themselves include the benefits that it is open source, free, available on many platforms, and easy to use. 

Atomic Wallet

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Lastly, another good choice to store your Theta Token Wallet is with Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet is a desktop-only wallet that supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and most distributions of Linux. Atomic Wallet has support for over three hundred unique crypto assets on its exchange. The built-in exchange feature is one of the highlights, allowing its users to easily manage their portfolio if they decide to reallocate their holdings. 

Atomic Wallet stays offline, and it being an offline desktop/laptop wallet protects the user from certain types of thefts that have occurred previously with online exchanges.  However, this means you must also protect your computer if you choose to use this wallet, as it turns your personal computer itself into a wallet.  Key advantages include its cross-platform support, built-in user anonymity, and non-custodial approach.

Bottom Line

Whichever wallet you choose to use for your Theta Tokens, it is important that it is reliable and trustworthy. Whenever you are investigating a new way of storing crypto assets of any kind, do not only ensure the software is airtight, always make sure to verify that you are downloading or purchasing it from a reliable source. Overall, there is no single best Theta Wallet – simply the one that meets your needs the most.  If you are interested in purchasing Theta, ChangeNOW offers an easy way to obtain Theta by swapping crypto assets you already own in your portfolio, as well as the option to buy it with Visa or Mastercard.

Disclaimer:  ChangeNOW does not provide investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are currently unregulated, which means every time you invest, your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indication of guaranteed future price increases.

However, we put every effort into ensuring every transaction and exchange is secure, internally and working with partners, such as Simplex. ChangeNOW seeks to maintain accountability to its customers, employees, and the broad crypto community. We do it through strict AML compliance, social change encouragement, regular service quality upgrades, and community involvement.

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