Best Ravencoin Coin Wallets

The world is alternating so quickly that it’s quite impossible to notice all the new features and upgrades at one moment. With all these positive attributes and benefits of the cryptocurrency revolution, crypto holders should be aware of the increased risks of malware and cyberattacks. Thus, choosing a safe place to store your coins and tokens is the first thing first. If you consider buying or exchanging some RVNs, you can proceed to our website and enjoy our services.

Key Factors of Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

If you already keep on choosing a wallet for your Ravencoin coins and tokens which can be either paper, hardware, desktop wallet or just an online app for your device, you should take into account some important factors. Private keys, GUI simplicity, security features and the possibility of backup –  these are the points to rely on. Furthermore, you should think about the supporting system of the wallet which is key to handling all possible problems.

Now let’s review the best wallets for Ravencoin.

Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet is popular among new crypto devotees because it is super easy to use. The wallet has impressive security measures and can be synced with selected Ledger wallets.

Guarda is available on all platforms, and can be downloaded as an Android or iOS application. Guarda is also available for PC as a desktop software and a google chrome extension.

It’s impressive 24/7 customer service might be what you need if you prefer instant human assistance. The Guarda wallet supports almost fifty cryptocurrencies, including Raven and is compatible with all BEP-2 and ERC-20 tokens. 

Ledger Nano X

Ledger announced their brand new and upgraded version of Ledger hardware wallet in early 2019. The most distinguishing feature of this wallet suitable for Ravencoin, according to Reddit users, is its CC EAL5+ certified secure chip for secure data storage. In addition, the device features Bluetooth enabling crypto holders to run their coins on the go. It is rather small and compact so you can put it in your bag and be sure that your crypto is safe and sound.  Finally, the device supports the connection with wallet apps for Ravenlink on your Mac and Windows. Or you can even use your Ledger as a Ravencoin coin wallet synchronized with mobile apps on iOS and Android.

You can purchase Ledger Nano X here.

Ravencoin Desktop Wallet

Ravencoin possesses its own official desktop wallet as well, which supports all the most used operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. This wallet is among the most secure wallets until and unless your computer gets hacked or attacked by malware. The only thing you have to remember is that you should always keep your 12-seed word with you just to be on the safe side.

You can download Ravencoin Desktop Wallet and get to know how to use this wallet for Ravencoin here.

Neon Wallet

Neon Wallet is highly suitable for your Ravencoin coins and tokens as long as it is an open-source cross-platform light wallet for the NEO blockchain. It is a desktop wallet so you can make sure your phone doesn’t bear any responsibility for your crypto, and you can enjoy freedom surfing on the Net and airdropping files while keeping your Ravencoin coins on the computer. Furthermore, it is staking-friendly meaning Neon wallet allows you to stack your NEO and earn free GAS.

You can download Neon Wallet here.


Coinomi is a popular mobile wallet for storing your Ravencoin coins on your iPhones and Androids. This wallet is convenient for RVC holders who want to enjoy fast and responsive support from the developers. What is more, a beta client of Coinomi for Ravencoin and other currencies like Bitcoin or HOT coin features auto-inclusion of forks and airdrops.

You can download Coinomi here.

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