Best Chainlink Coin Wallets

The world is changing so fast that it’s quite difficult to notice all the new features and upgrades. With all these bright sides of the cryptocurrency revolution, one should be aware of the increased risks of malware and cyberattacks. Thus, choosing the right place to store your coins and tokens is the first thing first. If you think about purchasing or exchanging

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Key Factors of Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

If you already searching for a wallet for your Chainlink coins and tokens which can be either paper, hardware, desktop wallet or just an online app for your device, you should rely on several significant factors. Private keys, security features, the possibility of backup and GUI simplicity – these are the essential points. What is more, you should take into account the supporting system of the wallet which must be highly easy-to-use and responsive.

So what is the best wallet for Chainlink?

Ledger Nano X

Best Chainlink Coin Wallets

Ledger released its new and upgraded version of Ledger hardware wallet in early 2019. The main feature of this wallet highly suitable for Chainlink, as many Reddit users claim, is its CC EAL5+ certified secure chip for secure data storage. What is more, the device features Bluetooth enabling crypto holders to manage their coins on the go. It is so small that you can put it into your new Louis Vuitton long wallet so as to keep your Chainlink coins safe and glam.  Finally, the device supports the connection with wallet apps for Chainlink on your Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

You can purchase Ledger Nano X here.

Atomic Wallet

Best Chainlink Coin Wallets

The best thing about Atomic Wallet is its decentralized platform where you can create a personal login and password for storing Chainlink coins and forget about malware threats. It features the function of buying crypto with a credit card, and, moreover, it is custody-free with local data storage. You can access Atomic wallet to store your Chainlink coins almost everywhere except browsers like Chrome.

You can download Atomic Wallet here.


Coinomi is a famous wallet for storing crypto on your iPhones and Androids. However, in 2018 the developers released a desktop version for crypto fans. This wallet addresses the issues of Chainlink holders who want to enjoy quick and responsive support from the developers. Furthermore, a beta client of Coinomi for Chainlink and other currencies features auto-inclusion of forks and airdrops.

You can download Coinomi here.

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