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Best Bitcoin Wallet | Top Bitcoin Wallets Review

When diving into the world of cryptocurrencies, many of us do not think about one of the most important parts of the journey – the tool that will keep you safe along the way. What we are talking about is a cryptocurrency wallet. For thousands of crypto aficionados, Bitcoin is the first coin to get acquainted with. However, in the abundance of BTC wallets on the market, it is hard to find a really safe service to use, i.e. the best Bitcoin wallet out there. ChangeNOW will help you make a right decision by providing a list of trusted Bitcoin wallets along with their distinctive features.

What is a BTC wallet?

A wallet in the crypto world is kind of a bank account. It allows users to store BTC safely, receive them and transfer the coins to others. Usually, a cryptocurrency wallet is an application, website or a device that manages your private keys (password). Choosing your Bitcoin wallet is a very important step, as it opens the door to convenient, fast and, most importantly, secure cryptocurrency usage. Hopefully, this ChangeNOW article will help you to answer a common question “How to get a Bitcoin wallet?”. So, what is the best Bitcoin wallet? Let’s review the most popular ones.

Ledger – the best affordable BTC wallet

Ledger is a hardware wallet that supports BTC along with other popular cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets are considered to be the safest Bitcoin wallets, as your coins are stored offline on a USB-like device. Every time you need to use your funds, you need to plug the device into your computer, unlock it and start working. Another good feature in Ledger (in particular, in their Nano S device) is being affordable. A thing about hardware wallets is – you have to purchase them. At this point, Ledger is a good investment for what you get: security and convenience.

Trezor – the first hardware Bitcoin wallet

Trezor is one more hardware wallet on the list. The best thing about this wallet in the context of this article – Trezor was actually invented as a Bitcoin wallet. The mechanism of work is similar to other hardware wallets on the market – the device offers secure cold storage of your BTC coins, it can even be used on an infected computer. The wallet was launched in 2014 (it is actually the first hardware Bitcoin wallet) and since then proved to be a safe and convenient option for Bitcoin holders.

Electrum – the best multi-purpose Bitcoin wallet

Electrum is a software wallet. The cryptocurrency coins are stored in the set of files on the computer. The software is now available for Windows, MacOS, Android and Linux. Electrum’s most distinct feature is in being fast – there is no problem in getting the wallet, as you basically store your assets on your very own computer. Besides, the wallet allows you to create so-called cold storage (for those striving for maximum safety).

Guarda – the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet

Guarda is a user-friendly, lightweight and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. Currently, there are several Guarda products supporting BTC, such as the Muultiwallet (a crypto wallet that supports multiple crypto coins and tokens) and single-currency Bitcoin wallets. Guarda wallets are available as Desktop, Web, Extension and Mobile versions. Guarda is a trusted service with a great support line. Besides, your private keys are not shared with any third parties and the wallet does not require their users to share any personal information for running. so, if you were interested in how to set up an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, here is your answer.

Edge, multi-currency mobile wallet

In the Edge cryptocurrency wallet, you can store not only Bitcoin, but also its forks, as well as 8+ other cryptocurrencies - all in one convenient interface. In addition, the wallet supports SegWit and ShapeShift service - you can exchange the cryptocurrency on your addresses in just a couple of touches. You can download the wallet from the official website of the project, or find it in Google Market or AppStore.

Atomic – the best wallet for crypto swapping

Atomic is a Desktop wallet allowing the users to store BTC (among other cryptocurrencies listed by the service). Once you create your Bitcoin wallet address, the private key to the stored coins gets encrypted on the device – nobody besides you can reach your funds or get the wallet information. The key feature of Atomic is in the built-in exchange service, allowing swapping or buying cryptocurrencies right inside the wallet.


Blockchain.info is the first ever cryptocurrency wallet, which appeared in 2009. This is an online service that has no versions for either desktop or mobile devices. The service offers storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on its blockchain. Blockchain.info has an excellent level of protection. Two-factor authentication, the ability to create SEED-codes and complex passwords are available. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to hack this wallet. You can also create a wallet backup using the Security Center. Blockchain.info allows you to adjust transaction fees. An important advantage is the direct cooperation with leading crypto-exchanges, so you can quickly and safely buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin Core

This is also one of the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency wallets. Unlike Blockchain.info, this storage is a desktop one. And there is an important nuance - in order to install Bitcoin Core, you will have to download the entire blockchain, which is at least 100 GB. Among the advantages of this service there is versatility. The wallet is installed on any operating system. Bitcoin Core provides strong protection for your assets. In addition, the wallet is functional, and allows you to carry out any operations necessary for BTC. And even relatively slow synchronization doesn’t deter users, for most of whom this wallet is the most reliable one.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is a proven brand that has earned trust in the crypto industry. It is one of the oldest and most reliable BTC storage services. The developers have created a fully decentralized repository, so that only users can control their funds. Reliable methods of protection don’t allow access to a third party. The Bitcoin Wallet system is simple and transparent to the user. However, there are certain nuances. In particular, the wallet is an online storage, there is no mobile or desktop version. However, in order to work with Bitcoin Wallet, you will still need an Android phone. Nevertheless, the excellent reputation of the brand and reliable asset protection allow the wallet to remain in the top of all ratings.


One of the main mobile cryptocurrency wallets in the world, one of the most popular services. A key advantage of Jaxx is the support of a huge number of cryptocurrencies. The service works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a number of other coins that are based on their blockchains. Jaxx is a universal mobile wallet adapted for iOS and Android. The service works with the cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift, which allows you to quickly exchange any type of cryptocurrency directly within the service. The interface of the wallet is very convenient, you can quickly switch from one type of coin to another. The registration takes only a minute, creating wallets will not cause any difficulties.


One of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the world. It is a mobile application designed for the Android operating system (there is no version for iOS). There is no 2FA function, instead, there is an HD Wallet function. The crypto-wallet supports more than 80 types of coins. The functionality of the wallet is sufficient for basic operations. With Coinomi, it is possible to transfer, accept the cryptocurrency, check balance and current rate. The application has a user-friendly interface, all functions are available in one or two clicks. It is worth noting that switching from one cryptocurrency to another is also very simple.


Copay is a crypto wallet from one of the most famous payment systems in the crypto community - Bitpay. The company has well thought out the possibility of access for multiple users without compromising security. Copay uses the multi-signature feature. Therefore, this wallet is considered one of the best solutions for companies in which the transaction requires the approval of 2-3 users. Copay is universal. There are versions for desktop, mobile applications, as well as the ability to use the wallet online. The repository is open source and completely independent. Well, it is worth noting the design, on which the developers also worked nicely. Excellent option for experienced users, for beginners, dealing with Copay is quite difficult.


GreenAddress is one of the most versatile wallets. There are mobile, desktop and online versions. The storage is supported by all popular operating systems for smartphones and PCs. In addition, if there were a rating on the convenience of using wallets, GreenAddress would definitely be in the top. The service offers ample opportunities for personalization and customization for each user. The storage supports multi-signature, so it is well suited for corporate clients. There are vast opportunities in terms of security. The app provides a high degree of anonymity. All this in combination allows you to get a very good wallet to store any amount of BTC. A proven and reliable brand is another advantage of GreenAddress.


The creators of Armory focused on maximum protection and security, so the application may seem quite difficult for a novice user. Therefore, this service is more suitable for experienced, advanced users who need to reliably protect their considerable assets. For such people, Armory will be a very good option. A huge number of security options is the main advantage of Armory. Two-factor authentication, SEED keys, and other functions for protecting BTC, allow you to store quite large amounts on the service. The application is flexible, it can be customized if the user has some experience with such services. Armory is a respected brand in the cryptocurrency market, the wallet is trusted in the crypto community.


Mycelium is quite a popular mobile wallet, which has an open source code, and is constantly striving for improvement. It is more suitable for experienced users - for beginners, it may seem somewhat complicated. First of all, because of their approaches to security. But on the other hand, it is extremely important for the reliable protection of the cryptocurrency, so this complexity can be considered an advantage, not a disadvantage. Mycelium is a program that combines the functions of a hot and a cold wallet. In addition to a high degree of protection, this service provides excellent anonymity for users. High speed is a nice addition to the excellent functionality of this service. Mycelium is definitely considered one of the best BTC storage wallets.


KeepKey is a wallet, which entered the market only in 2018, so ha not had time to get its portion of popularity. In addition, its distribution is hampered by the fact that it’s not a free BTC wallet - you need to pay $99. However, in this case, the wallet is worth the money. First of all, the developers have tried to make a perfect design. The application has a beautiful, intuitive interface. The service is quite easy to use, so it’s perfect for beginners. Important network security features are also implemented. So, KeepKey may earn its audience on the market.


Not the most famous wallet, but it is decentralized and secure enough. There is a possibility to create a backup version, so the user will not lose access to the wallet. The system uses encryption, and even the Airbitz team doesn’t have access to the keys or the storage. Airbitz is a mobile wallet, which is considered a good option for beginners. Experts have done everything possible to simplify the work. First, a simple and intuitive interface. Second, a guide of companies that accept BTC for payments. Experienced users don’t really trust the little-known brand, but for a beginner, it is a good solution.

Holy Transaction

This wallet supports 12 cryptocurrencies, as well as the ability to store fiat money such as euros and dollars. It is a mobile storage that has versions for iOS and Android. Holy provides two-factor authentication, as well as the ability to create complex passwords. In Europe, there is the possibility to use Holy cryptomates. Due to this, the wallet is actively distributed in the EU.


Xapo is an online service that does not have its own mobile or desktop version. However, among all online wallets, this one is considered one of the best. First of all, thanks to the reliable protection of assets. Several security services will prevent unauthorized access from unauthorized users. An important advantage of Xapo is the support of debit cards. Thus, the possibilities of using bitcoin for payment are significantly expanded. It is worth noting that Xapo has its own network of cryptomats, quite widespread in the US and Europe. The service is well suited for both novice and experienced users.


It’s a quite common online wallet with support of 16 cryptocurrencies and 4 types of fiat currencies, including euros, dollars, ukrainian hryvnia and the russian ruble. It’s a good solution if you have to conduct transactions between EU and CIS countries. Protection of personal data includes two-factor authentication, and to confirm the financial transaction, you must enter a password, confirm the transaction by e-mail, and confirm using the application on your smartphone. Technical support service quickly responds to all claims from users.


It’s a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet with support for Bitcoin and 12 other cryptocurrencies. It has support for a large number of languages. An important advantage of the wallet is anonymity and data protection. Encryption on servers is such that even developers don’t have a key to decrypt. You can only access your wallet using a mnemonic phrase. Rahakott supports two-factor authentication. To register a wallet you will need only 15 seconds, the process is carried out without e-mail and confirmation by phone number. This is a relatively little-known service, but transactions totaling $ 20 million pass through it every day.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange offering the same name crypto-wallet. It is an online storage that provides high levels of protection of personal data. Users from 19 countries can use the service. The company is solid and respected, so you may not doubt the reliability. However, experts still recommend this service for beginners. It does not have enough functionality. However, there is an important advantage. You can quickly and easily buy or sell coins. But in general, it is more suitable for those who are just starting to work with cryptocurrencies.

Hideez Key

It’s a development from a Ukrainian team, which is available in the CIS, but there are some problems with its purchase in Europe. However, the technologies used in this wallet are really very promising. Hideez Key is a hardware crypto-wallet that can eventually compete with Ledger. It can be synchronized with a PC or a smartphone. Hideez Key has a special protection system called Invisible Key. It is a system of short and long button presses, similar to Morse code. The user has the opportunity to form a combination. The wallet is a keychain that can be worn on the keys or in the wallet.

Cool Wallet

Cool Wallet is another kind of hardware wallet. However, unlike Ledger, Trezor or Hideez, which are made in the form of a keychain, this device has the form of a credit card. It has only one button. In order to make a transfer of funds, it is necessary to keep the hardware wallet close to the smartphone with an open mobile application. Experts believe the idea is good, but not perfect yet. But if it is finalized, it can be a serious competition in the market of hardware storages.

Bitaddress - a paper wallet

Bitcoin, like most other cryptocurrencies, has a paper wallet called Bitaddress. In order to use the service, you need to scan the QR-code, which is also created by yourself. To do this, make a few random movements of the mouse cursor in a special field, the system remembers them and displays them in the form of a QR-code, and then offers to print it. Of course, this option is not suitable for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies, since the reliability of paper wallets remains a big question. However, if you need to provide short-term storage for one time, then Bitaddress is a good fit. Despite the suspicions of some users that QR codes may be available to the project team, there were almost no complaints about the reliability of the service.

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