Best Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone

Today, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is available to hundreds of thousands of people, among which there are many of those who use Apple devices. In today's review, we will figure out the best bitcoin wallet app for iPhone, the one combining ease of use and maximum security for storing funds. What is the best bitcoin wallet for iPhone, you ask?

Top 6 Bitcoin wallets for iPhone list

  1. Bither
  2. Guarda
  3. ArcBit
  4. Breadwallet
  5. Edge
  6. Jaxx

Bither Bitcoin Wallet

Infamous Bither is a Bitcoin wallet (iOS) best suited for simple funds management and transactions. The feature set is not extensive. Obviously, you can view your account information and can check the 24-hour balancing statement. For your convenience, there is an option to display a QR code to accept cryptocurrency transfers.

The coolest thing about Bither is that you can run it in cold or hot storage mode depending on your needs. It allows you to enjoy the convenience of a hot wallet, as well as the security that a cold wallet provides. Bither gives you full control over your funds and your private keys. They are not controlled by a third party. No one can freeze your funds, and if you lose access to them, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Guarda Wallet for Bitcoin

If you choose to install Guarda mobile app you can choose to create a new wallet or import an already existing one. The interface is nice and intuitive, the app’s feature set is the same as in the web version but please note that you cannot buy cryptocurrency using a bank payment in the mobile app. To avoid entering a password every time you log in (sometimes it gets really annoying), you can add a fingerprint verification, it will save you some time and effort. Guarda, as one of the best Bitcoin wallets for iPhone, supports more than 40 extra coins and you can add any ERC-20 token to your wallet. If you already had a wallet for BTC before using Guarda Wallet, then you can import it in the Backup and Keys section. You can also export your private key from Guarda Wallet to another wallet.

ArcBit Bitcoin Wallet

This is a free and extremely easy-to-use online wallet that can be installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS version of 9.0 and higher. ArcBit will provide reliable storage of all your funds. It is nice that the process of account creation is simple. Customers do not need to go through a long registration and wait a long time for synchronization to complete. To create a Bitcoin wallet you only need to enter your user name in and save the changes. After that, the app will be ready for use.

There is a possibility to set PIN-code access to the wallet and the secret phrase to restore access to funds in case of loss or replacement of the gadget. You can synchronize your wallet with an e-mail address in order to receive notifications when an operation is being processed. There is a feature that allows importing keys from other wallets (including addresses with BIP38 protocol).

ArcBit supports a decent number of currencies apart from BTC. You can also customize the balance display for a particular currency. According to the developers, the ArcBit application is one of the fastest in terms of downloading and processing information. ArcBit is the best iPhone app for bitcoin wallet according to many online reviews.

Bread wallet to store Bitcoin

BRD wallet can be best described as an application for sending and receiving coins. It has an intuitive user interface and it is open-source, which makes it more secure and trustworthy. The wallet does not connect to servers or networks and, as a result, is resistant to malware.

The Breadwallet’s software uses SPV mode, therefore, the wallet is directly connected to the Bitcoin network. Moreover, the wallet does not store private keys on its server so it is the users who fully control their funds. Also, if you decide to buy BTC through this wallet, you will be redirected to third-party applications with different protocols.

The wallet is completely free, but when transferring Bitcoins to another address, you must pay a network commission. Despite having a very basic feature set, Breadwallet wallet has a high level of security. However, there is no two-factor authentication system, a function that many other applications have. Nevertheless, many users for a long time have considered it to be the best iOS Bitcoin wallet.

Edge wallet for BTC

Edge is the best Bitcoin mobile wallet (iOS) for newcomers to the crypto market. It is so due to the emphasis of developers on simplifying the app’s workflow. Experienced users will be attracted by the convenient backup process that requires only knowing the account’s login and password, not a long SEED phrase. Edge stores information on the client side, which eliminates the possibility of hacking the wallet when hacking company servers. Plus it allows you not to rely on a third party’s servers to keep your info.

Edge is a wallet that uses hierarchically determined architecture which allows you to use a new address for each transaction and create backup copies with no fuss. The developers claim that no one except the users themselves has access to their accounts, private keys, or transaction data. All information, according to them, is first encrypted on the client side and only then is transferred to the wallet’s servers.

To sign up, it is not required to enter a phone number, e-mail, full name or any other identification data. The creators of the Edge truly respect your privacy.

Jaxx wallet for Bitcoin

The wallet was created with the co-founder of the Ethereum platform, Anthony Di Iorio. It offers the possibility to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including, naturally, Bitcoin. Jaxx is the best bitcoin wallet for iOS if you like beautiful things.The application offers a beautiful and intuitive interface. You can use the free version of the service without signing up.

To enter using the led password, consisting of 12 words. Thanks to it, users can manage private keys to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The wallet is constantly evolving and provides access to new projects, tokens and cryptocurrencies. However, experts note that the product’s code is not open, and the best bitcoin wallet app (iOS) is mostly described as having open source code. Nevertheless, Jaxx has a devoted community on its side.

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