Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android

In 2019, choosing a Bitcoin wallet for Android is no longer just a choice in favour of security or simplicity. Using different wallets for different purposes is becoming common, as it is the case with using different accounts when working with fiat currencies. Just a couple of years ago there were few wallets to choose from but today new great developments continue to appear. Unfortunately, the choice of the best Bitcoin wallet for Android only becomes more tricky for those who are novel to the world of cryptocurrencies. Here we will try to conduct a brief rundown of the best Bitcoin Android wallets.

First of all, what is the best Bitcoin Wallet for android? In the simplest case, it is a pair of two numbers, the first number is the public key and the second is the private key. They give you access to your funds.

Top 7 best Bitcoin wallets for Android

  1. Guarda Wallet
  2. BitPay
  3. Bitcoin Wallet
  4. Edge Wallet
  5. Bither
  6. Mycelium
  7. Atomic

Guarda Wallet

Having installed the Guarda application, you can create a new wallet or import an existing one. The good thing about Guarda is that it is a multi-platform wallet so you can access your funds from any device. The functionality of the mobile version is the same as in the browser version/ However, you cannot buy cryptocurrency using a credit card. The Android version of Guarda is called Moxi Wallet. Guarda treats security very seriously, to access the app, you can use a password every time you log in or you can add a fingerprint authentication.

And the last amazing thing is that Guarda has open-source versions of their single currency mobile wallets if you prefer transparency when dealing with crypto! Get started with Guarda or Moxi here! The website has Bitcoin wallet Android tutorial for when you need to set up the open-source version.


BitPay is a big platform with a variety of product/ Among them there is not only a wallet but also a payment system for business purposes, as well as a VISA bank card. It allows you to pay with Bitcoin in any place where you can pay with a bank card. BitPay wallet is available for all operating systems and, obviously, Android.

The application automatically opens a secure online wallet when opening an account. You can get a prepaid Visa card if you are a resident of the United States. The card is prepaid, which can be useful for tracking your expenses. The card can be used all over the world, which is also very useful, and there is no fee when using a card. Bitpay provides solutions to both big companies and individual customers. It is the best Bitcoin Android wallet if you dream of a bank card that allows you to pay with crypto everywhere. You can start with BitPay here!

Bitcoin Wallet

This is one of the most popular mobile applications for storing BTC coins. The app is absolutely free and has an open-source code. The basis of the wallet is the P2P protocol which means that all users are equally both clients and servers depending on the situation. This ensures uninterrupted performance of the application, even if the majority of users go offline. In addition, this protocol guarantees complete decentralization and anonymity.

With Bitcoin Wallet, you can quickly make a transfer by scanning the QR-code and the NFC feature is supported. The exchange calculator will convert and display BTC in any fiat or cryptocurrency of your choice. It is possible to create an address book to have quick access to the most frequently used addresses.

Edge Wallet

Edge is an Android app Bitcoin wallet, released in 2018. Despite being a new product Edge is highly respected in the community. The wallet supports receiving, sending, storing and exchanging between several different cryptocurrencies, as well as ERC-20 standard tokens.

The Edge team pays great attention to the user's experience in their wallet. The process of creating a new account takes only a minute,  only a username, password and contact information is required. It is also really easy to recover your account if the device was lost. Edge is the best wallet (Bitcoin Android) if you enjoy the simplicity and great design!


During its existence, Bither has managed to get a lot of positive reviews. Its popularity is not too great but steady, and this wallet does hold one of the leading positions in terms of performance stability.

The Bither app weighs a little, only 3.9 MB. It is undemanding to the operating system, even  Android 2.3 is supported. The application interface is simple and intuitive but the developers were considerate enough to give the program extensive feature set to make it as useful as possible for the cryptocurrency holder. Bither provides the possibility of both hot and cold storage of coins and works under the P2P protocol, which guarantees complete decentralization.

Access to private keys is password protected, which guarantees the safety of funds. In the case of the cold storage option chosen, the program automatically creates a backup copy of the private key. Start enjoying your Bither experience here!


It is no surprise that Bitcoin is often praised for its emphasis on privacy and anonymity, so the developers applied the same principles in their application. When it comes to privacy, Mycelium is considered the gold standard, as it uses hierarchical deterministic (HD) key generation processes to ensure the security and speed of transactions. It means that you only need to remember twelve English words to back up the wallet account with a seed phrase.

Anonymity is a big plus of Mycelium as well since users do not need to undergo any strict identity checks in order to start buying and selling Bitcoin in the app. To ensure confidentiality, all transactions go through the Tor network to hide the user's location and identity. Mycelium gives its users the added advantage of buying and selling Bitcoins locally through the Marketplace, a great place to instantly fiat for crypto. In addition, local transactions can provide more flexible prices than fixed prices on some exchanges. Get started with an amazing Mycelium Bitcoin wallet (Android) here!


When using Atomic wallet, customers are guaranteed the highest level of security, because the app uses strong encryption and storage solution. Only the user themselves has control over their funds. Secret keys are encrypted and will always be on the user's device. The security of the entire platform is guaranteed because all data entered during the transaction will be fully encrypted, local data protected by AES, and data obtained during interaction with the blockchain will be protected by asymmetric TLS encryption.

The ecosystem is combined with atomic swaps, which is a new technology that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet without the participation of any third party. It uses decentralized atomic swaps to continue the cross-chain exchange, avoiding the risks that exchange platforms still have. Since Atomic Wallet is a decentralized ecosystem it allows users to choose the exchange method (you can also choose Shapeshift or Changelly) for users who may not want to use the exchange of the wallet itself.

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