Best Bitcoin SV Wallets

Bitcoin SV is a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, created in 2018. While it's still not very popular yet, everything can change, given that more and more people discover crypto for themselves. In this case, if you're also interested, you'll need a free reliable Bitcoin SV wallet to store your coins. This article will help you choose the best Bitcoin SV wallet that would be ideal for your needs. 

Bitcoin SV Hardware Wallets

Pretty much every hardware wallet, capable of storing Bitcoin, can also be used to store Bitcoin SV, because they are very similar in code, and it’s just a formality to adapt any wallet to any Bitcoin fork

The best Bitcoin SV hardware wallet is Ledger Nano S wallet. The list of its supported cryptocurrencies includes more than 1000+ coins. You can also use it to store Bitcoin SV on mobile wallets, as it has all the necessary interfaces to connect to iOS and Android apps. The Ledger wallet for Bitcoin SV is a great hard wallet for any investor, considering it’s relatively cheap - around $100. But if you don’t want to pay for it, you have to use desktop wallets. 

Bitcoin SV Wallet

Bitcoin SV Desktop Wallets

One of the best Bitcoin SV GUI wallets is ElectrumSV. It’s based on the client for BTC, modified to store BSV coins. You can download a Bitcoin SV desktop wallet for iOS and for Windows. The link to download a Bitcoin SV desktop wallet is here. In case you don’t know how to create a Bitcoin SV wallet, there’s a detailed instruction available for everyone. 

A desktop wallet is an ideal solution if you need it only to check Bitcoin SV wallet balance send transactions from time to time. It’s not as secure as the hardware wallet, but it’s definitely simpler in use. Also, it’s totally free. 

Bitcoin SV Wallet

Bitcoin Mobile Wallets

The best Bitcoin SV wallet for Android is Coinomi. They support more than 100+ assets, including the top ones. Bitcoin SV is among these supported coins. In addition to Android version, Coinomi has a great Bitcoin SV wallet version for iPhone. It’s very reliable, and you always have control over your coins even if you’re far away from your desktop computer. 

Bitcoin SV Wallet

Making The Right Choice

To choose among all these wallets, just think for a second: what do you need from a wallet? Do you need security, convenience or mobility? That will help you a lot. Also, you can read the best Bitcoin SV Reddit, where all these options are discussed. You don’t have to buy a  hardware Bitcoin SV wallet to keep your coins, you can download it for free because there’s already a lot of solutions on the market. Sadly, you won’t find any Bitcoin SV staking wallet, because it works on PoW algorithm and requires mining. 
If you’re interested in buying Bitcoin SV coins, you can do it by using our exchange. And of course, if you want more interesting articles on Bitcoin SV and other cryptocurrencies, follow our blog!

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