Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and with precious commodities as such, it is important to protect them well. Such a precious community as Augur (REP), also known as Augur, this open-source protocol allows people to bet on the outcome of events, like elections, markets, company performances, and so forth.  Users can set up a market, and people can bet for or against the specified action. Due to its interesting nature, REP is a valued commodity and should be stored safely. ChangeNOW as a leader in the non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges will try to provide reliable choices for a wallet to hold REP.

To find the best REP wallet can take time, this is why ChangeNOW will provide a good overview of the different choices, and what they offer, to make the selection easier.  Because keeping your investment safe is important to you, it is important to us. So without further ado, what is the best REP wallet?

Ledger Nano S

Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

The Ledger Nano is one of the most popular devices to store crypto.  Its advance USB key features a screen which when plugged into a computer allows users to accept or deny transactions. On top of having encryption, this cold wallet will let you rest assured that your REP is safe. REP functions using MyEtherWallet, to help you store your tokens.


Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Trezor is another hardware wallet with even more built-in security features, with its ability to store ERC-20, it is another strong solution to keep your Augur tokens safe.   Similar to the Ledger, the Trezor is a USB key-like device which allows you to store your tokens off of your computer for extra safety.

Ellipal Titan

The Ellipal Titan, cold wallet is slightly different than the previous 2 hardware wallets. A relative newcomer in the industry, it serves more as a standalone device, it resembles more of a smartphone than a wallet. With a complete disconnect from a computer, it feels like a standalone wallet. Supporting all Ethereum based tokens, on the Titan, your REP tokens will be safe, knowing that transfers can only be done via QR code on the Ellipal.

Guarda Wallet

Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Guarda specializes in non-custodial lightweight wallets, which ensures that the users keep their private keys, ensuring that your REP tokens are always yours. Guarda offers various different versions of their wallet services to better suit individuals needs and concerns.  And on top of this, they perform their exchanges with ChangeNOW, so if you like our service, we are certain that you will like the fact that you can use their wallets and our service together! 


Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Metamask is a web wallet which allows users to not only store your REP, but allows you to use it within the DAPP ecosystem of Ethereum.   By using Metamask, you can interact with your Augur, as well as any other token on the Ethereum blockchain. This wallet is better suited for people who are more comfortable with the functioning aspect of cryptocurrency. 


Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Edge the wallet, not the browser, is one of the more popular iOS and Android wallets, on the market, again it is a multicoin wallet, so you can store your Augur, any ERC-20 tokens and a plethora of other coins as well.   Not only can you store your REP, but you can also exchange and swap your currencies for various other ones.

Augur Desktop Client

Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Augur Desktop Client is built for people who are comfortable with ERC-20 and their functions, in fact, unless you want to deploy REP, and use it for a betting opportunity, Augur directly recommends in this order, Metamask, Trezor, Ledger and Edge. So I suggest you check the above for these.


Best Augur (REP) Wallet for 2019

Last but not least, Сoinomi is one of the older wallets in the cryptocurrency sphere, a trusted wallet that gives you access to your keys, it can hold multiple coins as well as all ERC-20 tokens.  It is the most basic of wallets, but it is stable, and has been there through thick and thin, so it deserves a mention in this list.