Share a $500 prey in Altseason Cyberhunt!

What altcoin will be the most profitable in 2020? If anyone tells you they know – don’t believe them! Finding a lucrative coin is like hunting – you have to learn the landscape and the behavior of your prey first. That doesn’t guarantee you profit, but who are the hunters that don’t enjoy the hunt itself?

Let us introduce you the Altseason Cyberhunt. In the next 5 weeks, we will be testing your knowledge about different altcoins, and those who show the most accurate answers will share the main prey — $500 in NOW Tokens!

Here are the rules:

  • Like and retweet all #AltseasonCyberhunt posts on our Twitter,
  • Subscribe to our Announcements channel and join our Community chat,
  • Stay tuned to the tasks twice a week — they will appear in the channel. These will be the questions about altcoins – you will find the answers in our recent AMAs, official coin websites, and alike.
  • After the final task, fill in the form with your answers.

The form will be closed on August 17th at 10 UTC. Those who answer all 30 questions correctly and meet the conditions above will share the altcoin prey of $500 in NOW!

Happy cyberhunting!