Why DOGE Exchanges are Temporarily Unavailable: A Statement

Doge Announcement

Hey guys,

During the past 24 hours, ChangeNOW has been experiencing an extreme highload due to a vast influx of transactions.

The amount of swaps cracked all the records. We weren’t prepared to handle the overwhelming operational load and, to make matters worse, several of our liquidity providers failed to function. We are currently processing all the problem transactions; out of almost 9000 exchanges that got stuck, there are less than 2000 to process. Our primary goal is to make sure our customers don’t lose a penny in this situation; we’ll bend every effort to finalize all the transactions properly.

You guys have been great during this time. Seriously. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding. The crypto community is blessed with educated and friendly people who are conscious of how fast a perfectly stable situation can turn unpredictable and tricky on the crypto market. The ChangeNOW team is grateful to each and every one of you for your support and cooperation.

We will do our best to prep some neat gifts and bonuses for all the customers who were not satisfied with the services provided. Long wait and frayed nerves — all the inconveniences you may have experienced due to service malfunction will be atoned for. We’ll make it up to you, rest assured!

UPD 29.01.2021 17:30 UTC

Brace yourselves! To all those who were affected by the late service malfunctions: we are going to process all the stuck DOGE transactions at the initial estimated rate – we have fixed the rate for everyone, taking all the losses from the rate plunges upon us!

Yeap, you got it right. Our clients are our top priority, and the crypto community means everything to us. Each of our customers will get exactly what they hoped for when initiating their transactions. We’ve been on the market for more than three years, and we want you to know – we’re here to stay.

Stay tuned and cheers to you all,

The ChangeNOW team